What Happens to Those Bachelor and Bachelorette Engagement Rings?

Fans of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette may be wondering what exactly happens to those breathtaking Neil Lane engagement rings once the engagement has been called off.  According to radaronline.com, the bachelor and bachelorette couples from the show sign a contract that states that they must stay together for at least two consecutive years after the airing of the proposal episode on the show to keep their bling.  Now, the couples do not have to wed during this time frame to keep the ring, but if they sell the ring after that point, they have to notify the show with at least a week’s notice of what will become of it.

However, that still doesn’t answer the question of what actually becomes of the rings when so many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples don’t make it.  Do the rings get auctioned off to make up for the cost incurred by ABC when it was purchased from designer Neil Lane?  Does ABC keep the ring for some unknown reason?  Do they receive a refund once the ring is returned to the designer?  These are all great questions, but unfortunately there don’t seem to be many answers.

So, for those women who have fallen in love with the gorgeous, albeit pricey, designs placed on their favorite reality stars’ fingers, even if a breakup is usually imminent, let’s take a look back at some of the rings that have adorned their fingers.  Perhaps there is an affordable replica waiting for you at Kay Jewelers.


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