Stackable Bands

The Tinseltown Collection of stackable diamond bands is inspired by and celebrates Los Angeles, the hub of glitz and glamour, of celebrity and celluloid, where Uneek was born 20 years ago, and where it continues to thrive. Gleaming with expertly picked micropavé diamonds (and blue sapphires, in some cases), and inundated with voluptuous and playful shapes and silhouettes, these bands evoke not just the blinding lights and glistening waters of the City of Angels, but the twinkling eyes of those who live the California dream, as well. Whether she's ingenue or icon, free spirit or femme fatale, surfer or showgirl—it doesn't really matter what kind of girl she is, what matters is she's a girl with a dream, and she just happens to be in the city where dreams come true—these stunners are for her.