Established in 1996, Uneek Fine Jewelry has emerged as an unparalleled standard in fine diamond jewelry. The reasons will be evident once you see and experience the extraordinary detail, intricate workmanship and breathtaking designs in their extensive bridal, color and fashion collections.

Uneek’s signature styling blends the bold spirit of contemporary American culture with the delicacy and detail born of old-world metalsmithing and stone-setting disciplines. It’s a natural expression for founding president and master designer Benjamin Javaheri, whose Persian heritage spans four generations of family involvement with fine jewelry. In fact, his last name Javaheri is the Farsi word for jewelry. Under Benjamin’s tutelage and his exacting eye for perfection, Uneek successfully pairs the design aesthetics of today with centuries-old approaches to the art and science of creating pure luxury from gold, platinum and diamonds.

Uneek's unerring eye for the finest quality diamonds and exceptional commitment to quality craftsmanship shine through the most in their award-winning bridal and engagement ring styles, in their colored diamond collections, and in their one-of-a-kind diamond collections. Each and every piece in these collections are beautiful works of art, handcrafted in a process that is propelled by technological advancements in fine jewelry making and dictated by centuries-old metalsmithing disciplines, resulting in heirloom-worthy pieces that will last for generations to come.

When you choose Uneek, you are assured of excellence and complete satisfaction with every aspect. Uneek's uncompromising dedication to providing only the best quality, the finest workmanship, and true personal service is their promise to every customer they serve. Also, all Uneek pieces are proudly designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA, so when you choose a Uneek piece, not only are you guaranteed of topnotch quality, you are stamping your support for American artisanship, as well, and contributing to the commitment of keeping the craft alive here in our home.

Uneek Jewelry

In just a little over a decade, Benjamin Javaheri has become a major player in the demanding field of high-end diamond jewelry. No small feat—especially in a business where few ever make it to the top. But it’s hard not to be noticed when your designs are sublime, your workmanship faultless, and your concern for customers genuine.

Benjamin literally grew up in the trade. His grandfather and great-grandfather were metalsmiths, and his mother’s family has been involved in jewelry-making and retailing for many generations. Born in Iran and raised in the United States from the age of four, Benjamin earned his G.I.A. certification after completing his formal education in California. At the same time, he started a small Los Angeles diamond brokering business. His astute eye for quality and color—and his careful attention to customer satisfaction—quickly gained him a favorable reputation and several high-profile clients. This resulted in the establishment of Uneek Fine Jewelry Collections in 1997, a major step that allowed Benjamin to provide design and manufacturing services to companies such as Neil Lane, Alan Friedman, DeBeers, Nieman Marcus, and even custom World Series of Poker Championship Bracelets for Corum Watches. “I was the light behind these industry stars,” he explains. “I was the designer who brought their concepts and visions to life.” But Benjamin had more than this in mind for his young company’s future. The success and growth of Uneek gave him the opportunity to pursue his true passion—the creation of his own branded line of fine diamond jewelry, which was successfully launched in 2001.

For Benjamin, it all begins with the stones. “A beautiful diamond is like a treasured work of art,” he states. “It requires the perfect frame to enhance and protect its beauty and value. I love the artistic and technical challenges of this. And I also love the good feeling I get when something that came from my head and my heart gives joy and satisfaction to someone else, too.”

Keep an eye on this talented young man. He’s got an eye for great design, a drive to be the best, plus the knowledge, abilities and integrity it takes to be one of the new “stars” in the world of fine jewelry.

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