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Which 2022 Jewelry Trend is Perfect for You?

Which 2022 Jewelry Trend is Perfect for You?

From yellow diamonds to stackable pieces, here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 jewelry trends and which ones will go best with your personality.   2022 Jewelry Trends to Keep an Eye On   We’ve got our eyes on 2022 jewelry trends that 

Reasons to Visit Us at Centurion 2022

Reasons to Visit Us at Centurion 2022

  2022 is around the corner, and we could not be more thrilled to return to Phoenix, Ariz., for The Centurion Jewelry Show.  Composed of the top jewelry professionals in the industry, this show features exhibitors selected on quality and reliability. For newcomers, let us 

2022 Engagement Ring Trends

2022 Engagement Ring Trends

Call it a comeback — 2021 provided us with a thrill of hope and a revival of ageless trends in the engagement ring space. 

As we look ahead to 2022, we sense a strong continuation of certain styles. For the innovative minds who may be faint at heart upon this news, take care. There are also an abundance of exciting releases and trends pushing ahead as we enter a New Year.  

Read on to discover our team’s predictions for what we’ll see in 2022.


Elongated Diamond Cuts




“When thinking of cuts, emeralds are definitely still hot, and radiant cuts are pushing their way to the top of a bride’s wish list.” – Benjamin Javaheri, Founding President and Master Designer


Jumping off with a continuation from last year’s prediction: Emerald diamonds remain a coveted favorite of brides this year.

Composed of clean, linear facets, this versatile stone pairs impeccably well with countless settings. This style exudes confidence — radiating from its dazzling shape and the woman who wears it. We are confident this style will continue to hold its place atop the fancy-cut throne.


Style # LVS1042

Style # LVS1042


Radiant Cuts are not to be missed and continue to be a trend we see blowing up in 2022. A radiant cut has 40-57 facets, almost doubling the brilliance of a round cut. This type of dazzling gem is often recommended for those who want a square or rectangular look, as the facets will reflect more light and create more sparkle.



Multiple Center Stones


3-stone oval


“​​The three-stone oval engagement ring is a must-have silhouette for brides.” – Benjamin Javaheri, Founding President and Master Designer


If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, look no further than the 3-stone Oval Ring. Favored by our team as a good alternative to a traditional, single center stone setting, it is positively eye-catching with one diamond in the center flanked by two equally stunning stones or diamonds. Combine style with symbolism with three stones representing the past, present and future. 


Style # SWUS308OV-8X5.8OV


Ring Stacks


Alternating Stackables

We are still holding strong to stackable rings — not only a gorgeous accompaniment to a stunning engagement ring, but perfect for any occasion.

For those who love mixing and matching, alternating stackable round and emerald cut bands heed the call of modern women everywhere who seek creative ways to express their individuality. 



Us Collection

A notable favorite of Benjamin’s, the Us Collection includes unique and stylish stackable diamond bands worthy to adorn the fingers of brides and stylish women alike. A beautiful mix of round and emerald cut stackable rings adds extra sparkle to any engagement ring and creates a stunning visual effect.



Other Noteworthy Trends


Colored Gemstones

The late-2021 release of “Spencer” no doubt contributes to the ongoing hype of Princess Diana’s sapphire-and-diamond ring — and with it, that special “thing” we have for colored gemstones.

The surge continues for colorful engagement rings as more and more brides seek sophisticated, out-of-the-box pieces. Specifically, we see a higher demand for glittering sapphires, dazzling yellow diamonds, charismatic emeralds, and thrilling pinks.



There’s no doubt that 2022 will be an opportunity of revival for many, and with it, engagement ring trends we know and love. With that, we’re holding to hope, peace, and excitement to see how the fresh start of another year impacts trends in fashion and jewelry. Our biggest piece of advice when choosing your engagement ring is to pick a style that molds with your vision of your best, most unique self.

Holiday Cocktails and the Cocktail Rings to Match

Holiday Cocktails and the Cocktail Rings to Match

As you step out for the season, it would be amiss to not pay due homage to one piece that truly stands out – the cocktail ring. A moment to embrace and express your personality and style, cocktail rings are an essential sidekick to any 

Carpe Tempus Dare: Seize the Time for Giving

Carpe Tempus Dare: Seize the Time for Giving

  As the holiday season approaches and the year draws close, our attention naturally drifts to our loved ones. How can we “speak” our love and affection for those close to us? How can we symbolize our thoughts and appreciation for others? Use the following 

Gift Guide: Our Favorite Pieces to Say “Thank You” This Holiday Season

Gift Guide: Our Favorite Pieces to Say “Thank You” This Holiday Season

From Top: #BR0844WDC , #BR5644JG, #BR1951DC


As the season of giving approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on what has been a challenging year. The ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, and the people who helped to get us through it all. 

In the spirit of World Kindness Day (earlier this month, November 13), use this holiday season to thank those nearest and dearest in a Uneek way. If you find yourself in need of some gifting inspiration, look no further.


For Those Who Have… Made a Lasting Impression


Style #ER4422DC


There are those people who are there for us, and then there are those who do a small deed, so seemingly insignificant yet so largely a help in our eyes that it sticks with us. There is not a more appropriate gift to give those who have left a lasting impression than an exquisite pair of diamond chain earrings. 

These “Legacy” 18ct White Gold Earrings will sparkle and shine thanks to their 108 rough diamonds. Containing 2.60ct round diamonds, these 50mm earrings will stop onlookers dead in their tracks.


For Those Who Have… Lent a Helping Hand


Style #BR5644JG


From disruptions with work and virtual school, to countless delays, we’ve all experienced some difficulty over the past year. Surviving these trying times wouldn’t have been possible without those who have extended their time, assistance, and empathy.

Express your gratitude for these personal heroes with a bracelet that will adorn the wrists of their helping hands. Specifically, this magnificent “Legacy” Diamond Chain Bracelet comes with 361 round diamonds that will mesmerize onlookers. This 7″, 18k white and yellow gold Uneek bracelet is stunning in any occasion. 

Beautifully designed and full of sparkle – thanks to 1.24ct round diamonds in a siren finish – this enticing piece is engineered with an imposing amount of dash that precisely impresses passers by.


For Those Who Have… Postponed to Keep Others Safe

Style #ER4188RUDC


Yet another sacrifice of recent times – graduations, holidays, and even birthdays have been postponed to keep others safe. But you can still make your loved one’s pandemic birthday one to remember with the help of your favorite jewelry retailer.

Uneek Ruby Huggies earrings in 18k White Gold are the perfect gift for those who have sacrificed their special moments for the safety of others. With four incredible round diamonds and 12 rubies, this gemstone accessory is sure to shimmer and shine. 


For Those Who Have… Been There Through It All



Style #RB048U-3CT


What would we be without those around us? The pandemic brought into focus the peaks and troughs of life and the importance of having someone to stand by us through it all. The right ring can symbolize your gratitude for the years of support, loyalty, and (recently) co-existing in tightly shared spaces.

This Uneek Two Row Diamond Band is the ultimate way to express your devotion. 2.85ct diamonds in two glistening rows of five give this ring a special twinkle that will radiate in any room. Set against a gorgeous 18ct white gold frame, this beautiful ring is sure to delight anyone who lays eyes upon it.




Jewelry is the perfect way to express your appreciation for the loved ones who help us get through the ups and downs. We pride ourselves on excellence in our craft, with all our custom jewelry and fine jewelry made in the USA. Head to a local retailer to explore pieces to help you say “thank you”.

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