10 Interesting Facts About Engagement Rings

Do you feel like the big day is coming? You probably feel your heart pounding harder while picturing the moment. He kneels down, hands an engagement ring to you and pops the question.

All details matter on this occasion: setting, music, his attitude. But, the thing that will capture your eyes and make your heart stop will be the ring. This little piece of jewelry seems to have a value that goes beyond its composition.

In fact, there is a few interesting facts about it I would like to share with you in this article.

1. The History of Rings for Engagement

engagement ring

Some say that the idea of an engagement ring goes far back in time. Apparently, it started with the Ancient Egyptians. They believed that the finger where this jewel was to be worn had a vein connected straight to the heart.

The first documented evidence of engagement rings comes from the 15th century. Then, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria offered Mary of Burgundy a gold diamond ring to show his love and commitment.

2. The Most Expensive Diamond Ring in the World

Did you know? The most expensive diamond ring on our planet is the Blue Diamond Ring, sold in 2013 for $9.49 million. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Key Months of the Year

You must have thought: Valentine’s day, right? Well, you’re close. The truth is the most popular engagement month in a year is December.

It makes sense. There’s a whole magical atmosphere that builds up around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It helps people open up and see things from another perspective.

4. How People Wear the Engagement Ring

The general assumption is that all nations wear this ring the same way. Nothing is farther from the truth.

The people from the USA, Canada, UK and France wear the ring on the left hand. Those from Russia or India wear it on the right hand.

5. Popular Ring Types

The first most appreciated shape of a ring is “round cut diamond”. The second one is “the princess cut diamond ring“. As for the most popular metals used, white gold and platinum are the rock stars.

6. Success Rate

According to a famous wedding planning company, less than half of the women who got proposed to liked their engagement ring. That is sad news. Men should work harder on knowing their loved ones wishes.

7. Tradition Changes

In the past, choosing the ring was a task dedicated to the man. He was supposed to know his soon-to-be bride well enough to buy a ring she would like. Plus, there was this mystery involved in the whole process, an expectancy that women seemed to enjoy.

Things have changed. Now, over 50% of the gentlemen involve their girlfriend in selecting the ring.

8. Two in a Row

Unless you are using the engagement ring as a wedding band, it’s best to purchase them together. This way, you can make sure they fit together and make a balanced impression.

9. Custom-Made Rings Grow in Popularity

engagement ring

There’s a huge trend towards originality these days. Many people prefer a customized engagement ring – one that matches their personality and their lifestyle. Not any jewelry seller offers customization. It takes a lot of creativity and work. But those who do make every effort and penny worth spending.

10. Engagement Rings for Men

Yes! It sounds unconventional, but more and more men are getting interested in wearing such a piece of jewelry.

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