2020 INSTORE Design Awards

2020 INSTORE Design Awards

We aim to set an exceptional standard in fine diamond jewelry. Each beautiful work of art in our collection is handcrafted in a process that is propelled by modern technology and guided by classic traditions to create heirloom-worthy, award-winning pieces.

We’re thrilled to have received awards in all seven categories of the 2020 INSTORE Design Awards! It’s an honor to be recognized for pushing the boundaries in the industry with our thoughtful design choices. This type of acknowledgment would not be possible without our valued retailers and customers. You’re the driving force behind why we do what we do and we’re so grateful for the outpouring of love and support!

“Awards are great, but the real excitement is seeing the winning design given as a gift of adornment that will be passed down as heirloom pieces from generation to generation.”- Uneek Jewelry Founder & Lead Designer, Benjamin Javaheri

1st place, voted by judges & Winner of Retailer’s Choice Award

Colored Diamond JewelryRadiant Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Style # LVS1016RADFY

Nothing seems to be brighter than sunshine until this 8.57-carat Radiant Fancy Yellow diamond VS1/GIA ring was designed and created. Flanked by 1.43-carat trapezoid-shaped diamonds, it lights up any room with its beaming yellow color. It is mounted on an 18k yellow gold basket surrounded by 0.41-carat diamonds in platinum. This design combines all of the best elements to make Solstice one of the best of our Natureal’s Collection.

Diamond Jewelry (over $5000)Double Halo Pear-Shaped Diamond Pendant with Filigree and Bezel Accent Chain

Style # LVN694DPS 

Reminiscent of the unexplainable comfort of a cozy, rainy day, our “La Lluvia”, is a 5.85-carat pear-shaped diamond J/SI11 GIA pendant. Embraced by 1.10 carat round diamonds, it rests beautifully on a décolletage. The 1.76 carat round diamonds that intricately adorn the chain resemble the first drops of rain signaling that it’s time to stay indoors and cuddle up.

2nd place, voted by judges & Winner of Retailer’s Choice Award

Best Engagement (Over $5000) – The Proposal Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Style # LVS1066

Every little girl who ever dreamed of being a bride one day has imagined this 10-carat Cushion set on a three-row shank with a rose gold middle row and filigree on the basket accent with Natural Pink Diamonds.  Perfect for the lady awaiting the proposal.

3rd place, voted by judges & Winner of Retailer’s Choice Award

Best Platinum Jewelry — Blue Infinity Cushion Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Style # LVS1068CUBS

Just like a magnificent mile, this stunning Blue Sapphire is unending, a sea of infinite blue amounting to 6.67carats of Cushion Natural Blue Sapphire set on our Silhouette shank.

Winner of Retailer’s Choice Award

Best Earrings (over $5000) — Reign Drops Green Tourmaline Dangling Diamond Earrings

Style # LVE943

These epaulette diamonds brush the clouds away in a crowning fashion that makes way for clarity with raindrops depicted by the long strands of diamonds ending in droplets of baguettes and the masterful beauty in the first ray of the morning sun.

Best Colored Stone Jewelry (over $5000) The Heiress Cushion Cut Emerald Engagement Ring

Style # LVS1064

Our next style from our Signature Collection is reserved for the heiress. This overwhelming Cushion Tourmaline has diamond inlays around it and two Cadillac cuts ever-guarding as if to protect this magnificent center treasure. 

Best Engagement (under $5000) — Hope Petal Design Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Double Halo and Pave Diamond Shank

Style # SWS232DHDSW-7X5OV

From the Petals Collection, Hope Petal is an optimistic state of mind that is based on a positive outcome. With the surrounding world typified in these concentric halos, the 2-carat oval center stone is wrapped in a state of glorious zen and mystical positivity. 

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