3 Reasons to Consider an Eternity Band

Every special occasion deserves a special memento. Designed for life’s biggest moments, eternity bands symbolize and celebrate that unforgettable moment from that day forward. These bands, worn by glamorous women like Elizabeth Taylor and Mariah Carey, typically feature identically cut stones that wrap completely around the ring, rather than halfway down the band. They’re also not pave-set like diamonds in the band of most engagement rings. Prong settings ensure these stones stand out. Symbolizing a never-ending love, many people buy these as a wedding band or anniversary gifts. However, they’re also popular for other life milestones, like the birth of a child or a significant achievement. Here are the main reasons an eternity band may be the right next ring for your hand.

The look

Let’s start with the obvious: more bling! These beauties boast 360 degrees of sparkle that doesn’t go unnoticed. However, this style isn’t reserved for maximalists. Their sleek contemporary profile also appeals to minimalists who want something special. That being said, there are plenty of ways to get creative with this band design. You can get them with colored diamonds and gemstones of varying sizes, with halos, in clusters and mixed metals.

Aside from the sparkle, the uniform, streamlined style of these bands creates a beautiful contrast to everything else it’s paired with. Couple a round-cut eternity band with an oval-cut engagement ring for shape play or add a diamond and sapphire band to your ring stack for a pop of color.


There’s no right or wrong way to wear an eternity band. You decide how to show it off! They’re known for being both right- and left-hand rings. For the left-hand, you can use your eternity band to complement — or contrast — the center diamond, to match side stones in your engagement ring or to make your bridal set stand out a little more by wearing a band with the same cut as the center stone of your ring, except set east to west.

Eternity bands make enough of a statement that you can wear them alone on your left hand too. Find them in all your favorite cuts and stones. For the stacking queens, you can easily pull one of these into your fashion or bridal stack set for extra shimmer. Blend the row of perfectly matched diamonds with some movement by stacking your eternity band against a twist band. Or create a stack made entirely of slim bands with a daintier eternity band. The options are nearly endless!


Statement ring styles run the gamut, but not all of them are for every lifestyle. Because of eternity bands’ sleek style, they won’t snag on things like an engagement or statement ring will. That means less risk of damaging it at the gym or of it getting caught on items throughout the day. If you work with your hands a lot or wear gloves at work, an eternity band is a more practical and comfortable choice.

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