4 Effortless Pieces for a Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

Sometimes you don’t need to do something elaborate to show your affection. The same goes for jewelry: Sometimes the simple pieces say the most. When it comes to making the most of the little things, these classic pieces know a thing or two about standing out. So if you’re scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift, take a breather and take it back to the basics. We’ve rounded up a few pieces that will effortlessly fit into her current jewelry collection. She can pair them with existing pieces and wear them every day, any day.

Simple Stackables

We love those high stacks as much as the next girl, but “less is more” is just as true as “the more the merrier” when it comes to stackables. Streamlined designs look great all on their own or stacked with one other band for a minimalist look. Or, if you want to help her glam up your bridal set, pick several simple stackable styles — twists, traditional diamond-lined or slim and sleek shapes — to create something extraordinary. Each band is unique and versatile, empowering her to express herself with her jewels. Browse our Tinseltown and Us collections to find the style for her.

Simple Pendants

Gift her something that always stays close to her heart: a diamond pendant! You literally can’t go wrong with a simple style here. It gives her the opportunity to wear something glamorous yet classic with everything from work attire to date-night gowns. These styles are timeless yet unique enough to excite and dazzle — a win-win. If you want to give her more options, gift her two so she can layer them for some extra wow factor.

Style # LVNM04W (Top), LVND1110 (Bottom)

Simple Hoops

Earrings can truly make an outfit pop. There’s something about a little length at her ears that frames her face so beautifully, pulling everything together. We say go for simple hoops this Valentine’s Day because, like the other pieces, they’re extremely versatile. Some drop earrings are too dramatic for a business meeting, while some studs may not stand out the way she needs them to when her hair is down. That’s why hoops are the perfect medium. She can wear them anywhere, with any outfit and any hairdo.

Style # LVEW4992Y

Lace Collection

The Lace Collection may deviate from the simple theme a bit, but its pieces will still effortlessly fit into her jewelry wardrobe. There’s a reason why some of our most popular pieces are found in this collection. From earrings to bangles, each style features delicate designs that are lovely to look at and even more lovely to wear! They blend innovative techniques with timeless styles and are defined by the openwork filigree, which makes for a lighter look all around.

Style # LVBAW2165W (right)

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