5 Alternative Engagement Rings You Should Consider

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to standing out from the crowd of engagement rings, colorful stones take the prize. If you’re considering diving into the color spectrum, it’s important to first know the sentiments, meanings and modern-day popularity of the best vivid stones. For instance, gemstones, in particular, have a vintage vibe that makes them look like precious family heirlooms. Colored diamonds, on the other hand, are softer, poetic and uniquely luxurious because of their rarity. If you’re not sure where to begin in your search, check out our top 5 stones to consider for your one-of-a-kind ring.

1. Sapphire

It’s no secret that these blue wonders are absolutely regal, making them an extremely popular alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton adorns this mesmerizing gemstone on her ring finger, the same gem worn by beloved Princess Diana. Because we know just how special these stones are, we created a collection of sapphire rings designed just for the left hand. Each one features the royal blue kind — the most precious and coveted version — to ensure that she feels like a queen. Explore the Royal Blue Collection to find the styles boasting alluring halos, trapezoid side stones and split shanks to make the sapphires stand out.

2. Ruby

Rubies took center stage not too long ago when Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry with a ruby wonder outlined in a delicate floral halo of yellow diamonds. With their timeless appeal, rubies are a beautiful choice to symbolize an unending love. Add the iconic romantic red hue to your ring and you have a look that symbolizes passion like no other. We take these sentiments one step further by adding the luxurious boost of diamond accents to our rings, making the beauty of the ruby more vivid. Explore ruby engagement rings here.

3. Emerald

We can’t bring up emerald engagement rings without mentioning Jackie Kennedy’s famous emerald-diamond stunner. While it’s one of the most popular gemstones to wear in fashion jewelry, it makes for an incredible unconventional engagement ring as well. It’s the emerald’s enchanting hue that instantly gives any ring it’s in an Art Deco flair and a head-turning look. The lush green color boasts a beauty that pops and symbolizes eternal love, making it the perfect sentimental piece if you’re looking to break away from the classic diamond ring. Pair it with a yellow-gold band for an even more vintage look, or set it in white gold for a more modern appearance. Explore emerald engagement rings here.

4. Pink Diamond

Pretty in pink takes on a whole new meaning with these luscious treats. The warm pink hue adds a depth and complexity to the diamond, giving your ring a distinct and feminine look without being too flashy. And with Uneek, your pink diamond is truly special from the beginning: Ours are sourced from the Argyle Diamond mine in the remote North West Kimberly region of Australia, the world’s only commercial source for natural pink diamonds. And we don’t believe in one-style-suits-all. We offer a range of diamond cuts and ring designs for our pink diamond styles so every Uneek woman can find the one for her.. Browse them here.

5. Yellow Diamond

A diamond to warm your heart with its sunny hue, the fancy yellow diamond elevates your ring to another plane of luxury. These popular styles are perfect for brides-to-be who like classic styles but want something a little more out of the box. The rare diamonds ensure that your ring stands out among their colorless diamond counterparts. And what modern bride wouldn’t love that? Explore the rings here.

Whatever your style, preferences or desires, there’s a colorful look here that can not only satisfy but that can truly amaze. Begin your engagement ring journey today.

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