Going Green: 5 Emerald Pieces We’re Loving RIght Now

Going Green: 5 Emerald Pieces We’re Loving RIght Now

There is nothing quite like the uniquely vivid green found in green emeralds. Out of the four globally recognized precious gemstones, emeralds are the only stones that don’t come in various colors. They get their signature green hue from trace amounts of chromium and vanadium, and shades range from yellow-green to a rich deep jade.

You may be surprised to learn most emeralds have some type of inclusion or imperfection, tastefully referred to as an internal jardin in the jewelry industry. These features make each stone unique and contribute to the inspiration behind an emerald piece’s design. Emeralds are also rarer than diamonds, making them worth more on a per-carat basis. Throughout their long history, these precious stones have been celebrated by people from all walks of life, from Egyptian royalty to modern mystics.

With March upon us and spring just around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to sport the lush green attributed to emerald jewelry. Let your style bloom and welcome new beginnings with a selection of emerald pieces we’re loving right now.

Oval Emerald Pendant

Style # LVNRI292E

Prepare to be starstruck in the presence of this 18K white gold pendant. An oval 0.48ct green emerald center is encircled by 37 round diamonds and eight tapered diamonds to create a magnificent shape. At 18 inches in length, this emerald beauty will sit elegantly around the collarbone. The eye-catching green hue will command attention, whether you’re in an everyday look or dressed to the nines.

Oval Emerald Stud Earrings with Double Diamond Halos

Style # LVEMT2082E

Four-leaf clovers can’t compete with these luxurious lucky charms. Each earring features a 1.15-carat, oval-cut emerald center set in a four-prong 14K white gold setting and enhanced by double diamond halos featuring a total of 60 round brilliant cut white diamonds. The rich green hue and scalloped shape inspire the spirit of this season.

Emerald Band

Style # R89120EMCB

This delicate 14K white gold band is nothing short of enchanting. Five emeralds and 44 round diamonds playfully converge to create an unequivocally unique accessory. You can stack this bewitching style with simple bands or wear it on its own to make a verdant statement.

Three-Stone Ring with Emerald-Cut Center and Pave Shank

Style # LVS983GEM

There’s a reason that emerald stones have their own specially cut shape. A 2.34-carat emerald-cut emerald is the crowning jewel atop this stunning three-stone ensemble. Matching trapezoid diamonds and a halo of bright white diamonds enhance the beauty of the glowing center. A double-platinum band in our Silhouette style adds another dimension of sparkle to this regal design.

Emerald Bracelet

Style # LVBRMT1631E

Sixteen oval emeralds and 247 round diamonds create a piece that will make anyone green with envy. This sophisticated 14K white gold emerald bracelet boasts 360° of colorful beauty, making it the perfect addition to your eveningwear. The irresistible glow of this emerald design will leave an impression long after the night has ended.

If you’re ready to go green with an elegant emerald piece, treat yourself to a seasonally-inspired design from our gemstone jewelry collection. Emerald is also the May birthstone and the traditional gift for the 20th, 35th, and 55th wedding anniversaries, making emerald jewelry a meaningful gift to celebrate a special occasion.

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