5 Jewelry Styles for Everyday Looks

Any and every ensemble can be upgraded with the right kind of jewelry. But not all jewelry designs fit in with everyday looks. Some are meant for cocktail parties, weddings and other special occasions. When the time comes for those showstopping pieces, you’ll love to wear them. But then there are the pieces that can elevate a work outfit, a date-night look and everything in between. When you need jewelry to make even the most basic looks something extraordinary, these are the pieces to wear.

Wear it to work

Too often we can fall out of love with our everyday work outfits. We cycle in and out of the same pieces without much excitement for the style that’s communicating who we are. Not anymore. Shaking things up doesn’t mean a complete wardrobe overhaul either. A couple of glittery bangles can go a long way.

Pair two chunkier pieces side by side or stack a few bangles next to your favorite timepiece. You can also mix up shapes and metals to add professional pizzazz to your formal office look. Explore bangles here.

Dressy looks for dressy occasions

Get instant California-girl appeal with a gemstone-studded fashion ring — perfect for an evening date night on the waterfront or a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. Whenever you need to amp up the glam, these showstopping pieces will make sure your look stands out.

We love them for their versatility in particular. They can look more playful when worn with a colorful outfit or take on a rich, ultra-luxe quality when paired with sleek black gowns. Take a look at our gemstone fashion rings here.

The any-occasion piece

Sometimes you only need one piece to achieve glamour. So when in doubt, put on a pendant to top off your look. While you can go for a classic white-diamond pendant, we also carry varieties in colorful diamonds or gemstones to make your outfits even more eye-catching. No matter what you pick, each design is accented by sparkling diamonds that make your necklace that much more alluring. Browse all pendants here.

Mix it up for fresh expressions

When you want more control over how big a role your jewelry plays in defining your look, turn to stackables. You can create marvelous minimalist looks by wearing just one or two, or you can mix and match all sorts of designs and metals to create gorgeous textures that display your personality in new ways.

Choose from rings that feature baguettes, rounds, leaf motifs and more. You can take a look at all our fashion stackables here. If you want your stack to live on your ring finger, explore the Us Collection to build a bridal stack.

The foolproof in-a-rush solution

Sometimes you need a no-brainer piece when you don’t have time to think through hoops, dangle or drop earrings. Studs are the goes-with-everything solution that’s still distinct enough in design to substantially elevate your look.

A good starter piece is a pair of white-diamond studs, the most versatile option. Then start building your collection with vivid pieces that add a luxurious pop of color to all sorts of ensembles. To make sure all our colorful studs look as vibrant as possible, we always pair them with diamonds to create a dynamic look and bring out their rich hues. Check out our stud styles here

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