5 Reasons to Love Our New Petals Engagement Ring Collection

Women are always looking for new ways to express who they are as well as capture their unique love story in the most prized piece of jewelry they’ll ever wear. That means looking high and low for a ring that stands out from the crowd while maintaining a delicate, romantic look. Keeping this in mind, we looked to the most natural form of delicacy for inspiration for our latest collection: flowers! The Petals Collection uses these natural beauties as the driving force behind its dainty shapes and unique halos. While some styles more obviously reflect their source of inspiration, others make a subtle nod to them. Of all the different kinds of engagement ring styles you’ll explore on your journey to finding the perfect one, here are 5 reasons you’ll love the rings in this collection.

1. Unique halos

Not only are the Petals Collection’s halos unique, but there’s also a variety of halo styles to adore. We particularly love this double-halo blend, which features a standard round halo inside our signature Petals halo. Together, they frame the center round diamond perfectly while also giving it a larger, oval silhouette.

2. Vintage-inspired styles

Nothing says vintage like some edgy geometry. The emphasis of elongated shapes — and especially the focus on the marquise cut — give this collection Art Deco flair. Shape isn’t the only thing that gives these rings old-world charm though. Two-tone styles also give certain designs in the collection a more vintage look.

3. Unique cuts

Though many rings in this collection begin with a classic round cut, they certainly don’t end there. We’ve blended the personality of the Petals Collection with nearly all your favorite diamond cuts — from marquises to ovals to emerald cuts. Even if you want the brilliance of the round but the look of an oval, our illusion halos achieve the look you want.

4. Dainty settings

Delicate blossoms inspire these beautiful and romantic engagement rings, so it only makes sense that they’re just as dainty. Like a flower in full bloom, the side-diamonds are set as a “petal” frame (or double-frame) highlighting the brilliant center. It doesn’t stop there though. This style, in particular, takes delicacy to the next level with tapered baguettes that add extra sparkle and glamour to the rings.

5. Gold options

Featuring your favorite cuts is just the beginning. This new collection follows the lead of other Uneek collections in offering its styles in white, yellow and rose gold. Some styles even blend two metals, giving your ring eye-catching contrast.

This is just a snapshot of all that this collection has to offer. Explore more styles here.

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