7 Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings for the Boho Bride

You’re known for going against the grain and having amazing taste. You’re a free spirit, old soul and all-out wanderer. You’re the boho bride, and you’re not ashamed of it. These styles are here to celebrate your whimsical personality with old-world charm that will give you all the feels. From milgrain-lined bands to floral motifs, there’s something for every gal. Take a look at the latest to discover which is your perfect match based on your personality.

The classic oval halo

Style #LVS898R-6.5RD

Just when you thought you couldn’t love that romantic oval anymore, she got an elegant vintage upgrade. Not only does this style have a classic oval halo to bring more attention to the elongated shape; its band also plays with shape. Navette- and dot-shaped stations that adorn the top half of the band supply extra bling with round diamonds. These shapes, combined with delicate milgrain detailing, give this ring a boho vibe you can’t ignore. For an ultra-vintage look, get it in yellow or rose gold.

This is your perfect match if: You want a blend of intricate Art Nouveau-inspired jewelry and modern flair.

Peek-a-Boo details

Style # LVRD2554R

Nothing says vintage like some mixed-metal beauty. This Amore Collection style combines white gold with rose gold for an added touch of femininity and antique flair. Beyond that, the ring also makes the most of every detail with extra shimmer under the diamond. When picking out your wedding band, consider a rose-gold style to really bring out this ring’s vintage side.

This is your perfect match if: You take delight in the little wonders — a contrasting tone, a sparkle when you flick your wrist.

Classic with a unique touch

Style # SWUS188R-6.5RD

You love the classics, but you wouldn’t quite consider yourself a purist. We’ve got you! This ring combines the timeless round-cut diamond with a vintage-inspired band featuring milgrain-trimmed navette-shaped clusters. Without round stations in between the clusters, the soft curves of the band are uninterrupted, creating an ultra-elegant silhouette. Get this stunning ring in rose or yellow gold for an even more romantic look.

This is your perfect match if: You love things that are unique but never too flashy.

Not your average halo

Style # LVRD2554R

When it comes to your forever-and-always ring (and every other piece of jewelry you wear), you want something that stands out in all the right ways. This engagement ring does just that, taking a page out of nature’s playbook. Inspired by the most romantic beauties around us — flowers — it features an oval cut surrounded by identical round “petals,” each shape hugged by impeccable milgrain detailing. An unconventional ring deserves an unconventional band too. This one falls more on the sleek side to balance the look.

This is your perfect match if: You’re a romantic who loves to make a statement.

Romance at its finest

Style #s (Top to Bottom): SWS234DS-6.5RD, LVS969OV-, SWS232BG-6.5RD

It doesn’t get any dreamier than these brand new treats from the Petals Collection. They’re also inspired by flowers but have a subtler floral motif compared to the previous style. The top ring features diamonds along the band and a diamond-shaped halo that gives the round center a little bit more shape.

The second style boasts a dazzling oval cut nestled in a halo, which gets a sparkly assist from a bedazzled split band. Talk about shine!

The bottom style is a spin on our classic Petals engagement ring. It has the collection’s distinct graduated diamond halo, but it’s the baguettes on both sides of the center stone that make this beauty stand out. It underscores everything there is to love about the ring. Plus, in rose gold, it’s impossible not to fall for her!

This is your perfect match if: You love the delicate pieces and want something with antique charm that doesn’t look outdated.

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