A Guide to Colored Gemstones

A Guide to Colored Gemstones

A colored gemstone is a perfect choice for those wishing to add a vibrant splash of color to their jewelry collection. From stunning sapphires to enchanting emeralds or ravishing rubies, there is something in the gemstone color palette for even the most refined taste.


This guide will take you through the different colors of gemstones, explore their meaning, and offer some examples of these incredible stones.



Emeralds are one of the most striking and memorable colorful gemstones. The stone’s distinctive, shimmering green color symbolizes spring, and as such, it has a strong association with rebirth and romance.


High-quality emeralds are rarer than diamonds. When combined with their visual allure, this fact ensures this colorful gemstone is eminently cherishable.

Uneek Precious Pear-Shaped Green Emerald Earrings, in Platinum

These devastatingly beautiful pear-shaped green emerald earrings perfectly illustrate how a colorful gemstone can elevate a piece to an almost celestial plane. The 3.34CT of emerald combined with 0.36CT of round diamonds give these earrings an elegant and timeless feel.



Rhodolite is one of the most exceptional gemstones on the market. Part of the garnet family, this stone has pulsating fire energy and an aura that permeates power and heat. Said to resemble the pomegranate seed, it has long been considered an expression of sensuality and eternal love. 


Uneek “PHOENIX EYE” Hexagonal Umbalite Garnet Diamond Fashion Ring

Placed in a stunning 18KT white gold setting, this 5.51CT Hexagonal Umbalite stone is as extraordinary as it is beautiful. A total of 138 round diamonds surround the fiery, colorful gemstone to give this ring an exquisite and artful feel of jewelry craftsmanship at its finest. This rose-pink, reddish stone makes a stunning addition to any piece of jewelry.



The sapphire, known as the “gem of the sky,” is an incredible, deep cosmic blue that has bewitched humanity for millennia. Sapphires are one of the most stunning pieces from the gemstone color palette and make an incredible centerpiece of any jewelry.


Uneek Precious Cushion Blue Sapphire Bracelet, in 18K White Gold 


Five cushion-cut sapphires, with a combined weight of 7.26CT, are accompanied by 1.23CT Round Diamonds to make this a bracelet that you will never forget. 


The dazzling, intricate composition set in 18K white gold is a glorious example of sapphires’ ability to merge with other stones and metals to make a piece that transcends the ordinary.


Yellow Diamonds


Stunning yellow diamonds, or canary diamonds, have become popular among jewelry lovers seeking to put a spin on conventional engagement rings. Their impressive golden hue complements the typical qualities of a “colorless” diamond, creating a mesmerizing and stunning stone. 


Yellow diamonds get their breathtaking color from the presence of nitrogen in their structure. Their pure, yellow color is thought to symbolize love, happiness, and optimism. These rare stones are also loved for their fun and vibrant qualities, which have helped them secure their place as excellent colorful gemstones for engagement rings.


Uneek Pear-Shaped Fancy Yellow Diamond Dangle Earrings with Accent Round Diamonds, in 18K Gold

These spectacular yellow diamond earrings hold a combined weight of 4CT. Set within a body of 18K gold, surrounded by 80 round diamonds, this glistening masterpiece is haunting in its beauty. 


The teardrop halos of yellow diamond dangle just below two round diamonds, creating a joyous symmetry that evokes classic jewelry but with a lush, modern twist.



Tourmalines have a gemstone color palette of their own. This remarkable stone comes in green, blue, yellow, pink, red, and even transparent or colorless tones. 


The name Tourmalines comes from the Sinhalese “turmali,” which was used to denote colored crystals on the islands of Sri Lanka.


Tourmalines have been used throughout history for a variety of purposes. The ancient Chinese used the stone to carve intricate figures, while African people used the stone to help others wake from illusions. In India, mystics used the gem to bring insights and understanding. 


While the colors of Tourmalines stand for different things, the Pink Tourmaline is known to represent a love for humanity. Spiritual healers believe the stone has magical properties that help protect the hearts of those who have suffered traumas and suggest that Tourmaline can bring balance and happiness to any relationship.


Uneek Precious Oval Pink Tourmaline Engagement, in 18K Yellow Gold

The Tourmalines association with love and relationships makes it one of the best colors of gemstones for engagement rings. This incredible ring features a 6.91CT Pink Tourmaline center stone in an attractive 18K yellow gold setting. 


This breathtaking ring features a pave of 92 round diamonds with a combined weight of 0.94CT. Inspired by a mix of the classic and the contemporary, this ring is an exceptional piece that will turn heads for generations.


Of all the colors of gemstones, rubies are one of the most well-known and loved. Considered one of the most precious of all the stones, rubies’ mesmeric visual appeal has meant many cultures have celebrated them. The ruby has long been associated with love, power, energy, and passion, making it an excellent gemstone for engagement rings or gifts for a loved one.


Uneek Precious Ruby Bangle, in 18K White Gold

This remarkable 18K white gold bangle is a shining example of the marriage of colorful gemstones with diamonds. This intricate and refined piece fuses 10 rubies with 9 round diamonds to create a very special and memorable bangle that is captivating enough to be worn on its own or stacked.


Of course, the various colors of gemstones and their corresponding highlighted pieces are just a small example of the stunning pieces Uneek has to offer.


Browse our magnificent collection of colorful gemstones for bands, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces to find the piece that speaks to your sensibilities. 

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