A Holiday Engagement: Keeping the Ring a Secret

A Holiday Engagement: Keeping the Ring a Secret

It’s no secret: The holidays are a hot time to pop the question. With family and friends dropping in for gatherings every weekend, you can max out on feel-good sensations with a well-timed proposal. You’ll need to work on your game plan to make sure your proposal is a complete surprise, but don’t sweat it, guys. Here are some planning tips for keeping the ring a secret.

Travel smart

Flying to a family affair? Don’t pack the ring in your checked luggage; place it in your carry-on and wrap the box in a jacket or scarf in case your partner peeks in. We advise keeping your personal items separate, too, so you are in control of your bag’s contents. Also, be smart and don’t pack have anything that would trigger a security search like an errant water bottle, nail clippers or trimmers. Some guys even put a post-it note on the actual box in case a search does happen. Do not carry your ring on you, just in case you’re checked by TSA. It would ruin the surprise!

Play Coy

 Ignore all wedding, engagement and ring talk. When your future fiancé hints about another couple recently engaged or married, simply say “how nice for them” and change the topic or leave the room. Now’s not the time to get involved in a war of words. Holidays can be stressful for everyone, so keep things light on “relationship talk.” This will make the surprise sweeter, and you’ll be in control of the timing.

Play up the holidays

Just because you’re deep into the adult world doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the playfulness and whimsy of the holidays to create your own magic. Take advantage of sentimental moments with a favorite tradition like ice skating, tree trimming or kissing under the mistletoe. Butter her up to say “yes” by sprinkling in mini moments that will create memories for you both. When you do pop the question, your bride will be primed for an enthusiastic yes!

Nail down the presentation

The proposal is a storied time of nervous tension. Thinking about when and where to ask and how to keep the bulky ring box hidden can muddle the mind, so think ahead. Do you want to present the ring in its box or in a more creative fashion (on an ornament, dangling from a candy-cane, at the bottom of her poinsettia martini)? At the same time, be prepared to put the spotlight on your bride-to-be instead of the holidays this time around. The benefit is this time of year will resonate joy in an even bigger way!


Enlist help

Sister in town? Best friend? Close co-worker? Let someone who can be trusted know about your plans so they can help distract your girlfriend when you need to prep a space or ensure she is where she needs to be at a certain time. Get them on your side and they’ll be more than happy to help you as a future member of the family, especially when this time of year rolls around again!

With these strategies in your back pocket, popping the question this season will come with less stress for you and more surprise for her.

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