“As Seen On” Celebrity Jewelry

“As Seen On” Celebrity Jewelry

A look back at some noteworthy celebrity jewelry trends that have lit up the red carpet and social media in recent years.



Celebrity Jewelry Trends

The fashion and jewelry trends of celebrities and influencers are undoubtedly some of the most iconic aspects of awards season and other esteemed events like New York Fashion Week. With the annual Oscars Ceremony scheduled for the end of March, we’ll all be excitedly eyeing the jewelry trends that make a splash on the red carpet.


In celebration of these prestigious and glamorous events, we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and commemorate some of the best moments of celebrities in Uneek Jewelry pieces.



Celebrity Jewelry Spotlight

The red carpet is known for its sophisticated and eye-catching outfits. A significant part of these exclusive and inspiring looks is the glitz and glamor of tastefully constructed costume jewelry.


Let’s take a look at some of Uneek Jewelry’s red-carpet-worthy pieces and award-winning moments:


#1 – Julianne Moore in As If Magazine



Style # LVN589

Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore’s appearance in As If Magazine saw her wear a show-stopping cushion cut 18K white gold necklace.


This striking piece from Uneek’s Signature Collection features a stunning center stone array of 57 cushion-cut diamonds with a combined weight of almost 28 carats. The side stone contains over 1,000 rough diamonds, with an approximate weight of 8 carats.


Each diamond is artfully surrounded with a shimmering micro pavé of round diamonds. It’s an incredible piece worthy of one of the finest female actors of her generation.


#2 – Camile Kostek


Style # LVEMI0241, Style # LBR199RU

Camile Kostek — the beautiful television host and Sport Illustrated cover model — shone brightly at her Super Bowl LV party thanks to some captivating pieces of Uneek Jewelry.


She hosted an exclusive event in Tampa Bay’s Meat Market in conjunction with Ferrari and the luxury lifestyle magazine Haute Living.


Kostek wore 18K white gold dangling diamond earrings and an 18K white gold ruby bracelet.


The enchanting earrings are crafted with 934 round diamonds with a combined weight of around 9.0ct. Splendidly designed and set, each movement brings a bewitching shimmer and sparkle.


Equally captivating is her 18k white gold ruby bracelet. With nine vibrant, blood-colored oval rubies weighing approximately 9.31ct set against a chain covered with almost 200 diamonds. The piece is about 7-inches in length and would look at home in even the most refined settings.



#3 – Palm Beach Illustrated


Style # R020U


This incredible Garnet engagement ring was published in the nation’s leading luxury lifestyle magazine, Palm Beach Illustrated. The Garnet stone embodies the energies of creativity, fire, passion, and strength — magnetic qualities that shine through in this gorgeous ring.


The 13.41ct stone is cushioned against a splendid 18ct white gold frame encrusted with dazzling diamonds. Ninety-four round diamonds with a combined weight of 1.1ct give this ring an alluring and memorable look from all angles.


#4 – Golden Globes 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Golden Globes were a mix of remote and in-person elements. Some celebrities took to a socially distanced red carpet, while others participated from home. However, the hybrid nature of the ceremony didn’t stop the stars from completing their glorious outfits with some magnificent jewelry.


The historical drama The Crown won four awards. While no attendees decided to wear a regal headdress, plenty of inspiring and arresting looks were exhibited during the remote event. As usual, some of the best outfits served to inspire and delight fashionistas all over the world.


Here are a few of the hottest celebrity jewelry trends seen at the Golden Globes, plus a few comparable pieces to help you achieve these striking aesthetics.


Viola Davis

Suicide Squad and Fences star Viola Davis wowed viewers with her remarkable African print mermaid gown. Even though she was dialing in from home, she went the extra mile to complete the icon look with some chunky chain-link jewelry.


If this celebrity jewelry trend inspires you, take a look at Uneek’s “La Mirada” inside-out diamond hoop earrings. The eye-catching design pairs 14K white gold with exquisite links coated in over 300 round diamonds in each earning.


These beautiful accessories are also available in yellow or rose gold. With a combined total of over 600 diamonds weighing 2.30 carats, these are an incredible option when you want to go big and bold.


Style # LVEWA7535W


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is known for her impeccable taste. She proved this once again by pairing an off-the-shoulder gown with beguiling serpentine drop earrings.


With our brilliant 14k white gold Uneek earrings, you can recreate this celebrity jewelry look. The double drop effect is spectacular; the combined weight of 1.21ct diamonds shimmers and shines as you move around the room.


Style # LVEAS5691W


Sarah Hyland

Perhaps best known for her comedic turn in Modern Family, Sarah Hyland stunned onlookers when she debuted her new red hair with a red gown and some smoldering drop earrings.


If you want to replicate her sophisticated red-carpet outfit, you can start with Uneek’s 14K white gold diamond earrings. With 72 round diamonds and a combined weight of 0.61ct, these bewitching accessories will help you shine in even the most exclusive venues.


Style # LVECX233W


Regina King

Regina Kind Zoomed in from her hotel room in a sparkling Louis Vuitton dress that was only outshined by her fabulous diamond drop earrings. The One Night in Miami director’s look could be yours too, thanks to Uneek’s pear-shaped diamond drop earrings.


These accessories are detailed and complex—these teardrop-shaped double halos combined with kite-shaped accent diamonds set off the 18K white gold setting. The features are crafted with diamonds on the halo, kite, and connecting gold. These frankly stunning pieces would steal the moment in even the most cosmopolitan crowd.


Style # LVE168




Access to the best designers means that celebrity jewelry trends are typically ahead of the curve. Whether it’s Julianne Moore looking ageless in a stunning white necklace, or Camile Kostek’s incredible taste in rubies, celebrities and jewelry go hand in hand.


As award season begins in earnest, we’ll be keeping our eye out for the red carpet styles and looks that define 2022 and beyond.

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