Avril Lavigne’s Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – All 14 Carats Worth!

Avril Lavigne shows off her 14 carat diamond engagement ring with Chad Kroeger

With so many engagements and weddings in the celebrity world right now, there is a lot of attention and focus being paid to the diamond engagement rings. It seems that the traditional diamond ring is still the ring of choice among most celebrities with the crystal clear round cut diamond. However, many starlets are actually opting for other diamond cuts such as the princess cut or even the pear cut as we just saw with Avril Lavign’s latest diamond engagement ring treasure.

The pop sensation Avril Lavigne, 27, just revealed her gorgeous diamond wedding ring after announcing her surprising engagement to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, 37, on August 8, 2012.

The Diamond Cut – This beautiful diamond engagement ring actually features the pear cut with small half-moons. One expert described this ring as having a “nod to the vintage” but also captures the individuality that Avril is known for. This is obviously Avril’s “dream ring” for a reason.

The Carat Count – The diamond weighs in at a hefty 14 carats and is nothing short of stunning. Lavigne calls it the “perfect accessory” – which is definitely one way of putting it! The large pear cut center diamond comes in at about 10 carats and then the small side half-moon diamonds makes up the other 4 carats.

The Color – Although many leading ladies are going with a colored diamond, like the pink diamond Blake Lively is now sporting, the yellow diamonds or even black diamonds we have seen lately, Avril’s ring is a crystal clear diamond with lots of sparkle.

The Metal of Choice – Chad Kroeger obviously believe that you better go big or you better go home, as you can clearly tell from his diamond engagement ring selection for his soon-to-be bride. It is no different with his choice of metal either. There will be no white gold for him as he opts of the platinum on this breathtaking piece.

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