March(ing) Bands: Best Wedding Band for Your Ring Style

March(ing) Bands: Best Wedding Band for Your Ring Style

Your engagement ring will garner a lot of attention, but your wedding band is the meaningful addition that closes the loop on your commitment to each other. It’s important to select a style that complements your engagement ring. You’ll be wearing this ring combination for the rest of your life, so you want to find the right fit to take you from Miss to Mrs.! Let’s explore some trending styles to see how they stack up next to your engagement ring.

How do I Create the Perfect Pairing?

The perfect pairing – or stack – is the one that you love most. As you’re looking at the endless options, you can ask yourself a few guiding questions. For example, do you want the rings to sit flush against each other, or will you leave a little space in between? You should also consider the shape, size, and setting of your center stone, in addition to the profile or presence of a halo. High-profile designs leave space for a wedding band to nest underneath, while low profile settings do not. You can even break the rules of tradition and wear your wedding band and engagement ring on separate hands if you’ve fallen in love with two styles that don’t fit together like puzzle pieces.

Mixed Metal or Monochromatic?

Traditionally, brides have opted for the same metal across their bridal stack to create a uniform look. As trends evolve, however, mixed metal combinations are becoming more popular. It’s now common to see mix and match combinations of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum that create a unique bridal stack. If you find yourself switching up your metals in your day-to-day accessories, a dynamic combination may be the best choice to align with your current collection.

A Straight Classic Band

Pave Wedding Band

Style # UWB019

A classic pave-set or channel-set diamond wedding band is an elegant companion to almost any engagement ring style. This chic addition will bring another dimension of sparkle in a simple, sophisticated design. Classic wedding bands pair beautifully with any straight engagement ring and leave room to add more stackables as you celebrate future milestones.

Curvey and Countored

Contoured Wedding Band

Style # WB229C

A contoured band is designed to match the curvature of an engagement ring. With a small dip in the middle to accommodate your engagement ring’s center stone, this type of wedding band will nest nicely with a low-profile, solitaire round or oval style. If you’re looking to build a balanced bridal set, a contoured band is the right choice.

Eternal Love

Diamond Eternity Band

Style # ETRAD4PRC-700

A show-stopping eternity band is a symbolic way to say “I do.” With 360° of diamonds, this type of ring represents a romance with no beginning or end. You can pair an eternity band with another straight band or flaunt it as a right-hand ring.

Modern Magic

White Gold Round Diamond Wedding Band

Style # SWUS017BW-V1

Rose Gold Diamond Stackable Band

Style # R24124AB

The modern bride knows that rules were made to be broken. Contemporary wedding bands can be mixed and matched to build a bridal stack that’s unique to your personal style. If you prefer dancing to the beat of your own drum, don’t be afraid to play with versatile stackables. A modern bridal stack won’t fit together like a glove, so embrace the gaps and create something that will inspire you for a lifetime of love.

Big and Bold

Platinum Diamond Wedding Band

Style # R207375

A bold wedding band will rival the presence of your engagement ring in the best way with a sum of eye-catching shine. Like two halves that make a whole, your wedding band and engagement ring will form the perfect, head-turning union. You can also select two chunkier wedding bands to enhance your engagement ring on either side.

Delicate and Ornamental

Round Diamond Wedding Band

Style # SWUS024WB-V2

Uneek Art Nouveau-Inspired Diamond Wedding Band in 14K White GoldStyle # UWB013

 Diamond Wedding Band

Style # RB015U

A dainty bridal set embodies the feminine beauty of any bride-to-be. Ornamental styles look stunning next to a finger-flattering oval engagement ring or another simple solitaire. The delicate details of design might leave a subtle space between your wedding band and engagement ring, but it will still create a seamless look if you select bands with complementary designs.

Are you ready to build your dream bridal stack? Visit a retailer near you to try on various styles from the Uneek collection and find the right fit for your forever.

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