Discover The Perfect Jewelry For The Perfect Occasion

Do I look too casual or too fancy? Most women ask themselves this question countless times. Finding the right accessory for a specific occasion can be a daunting task if your jewelry box is brimming with too many trinkets. Nothing is more irritating than buying a necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings and missing the chance to wear it. Even more, layering too much can just end up looking like a confused jumble. Luckily, you’ll always have another chance to show off your look–the trick is knowing when! You no longer have to worry about looking over the top or too dressed down–just read below to find tips on how to combine your accessories for each event. 

The Wedding Guest


Weddings are the perfect opportunity to glamorize your heart out (without outshining the bride!) Once you find the perfect outfit, you can start layering your favorite pieces of jewelry. If you’re sporting solid colors, opt for stones with a contrasting color. If you’re wearing a red dress, pair it with an emerald ring and some earrings.


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Uneek Pave Set Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

The divergent colors in your jewels accentuate each other, making your pieces stand out with charm. If a patterned outfit is what you’re going for, choose one color from that pattern and match your jewelry with it. This will make the color in the outfit pop. If you’re wearing a few different colors, stick with colorless jewelry (silver or diamonds) to prevent your look from going into overdrive. Always remember that less is more! Click here to discover more elegant looks like the one above.

The Working Woman

Sorry, but that exquisite diamond necklace you’re dying to show off is probably unacceptable in the workplace–but it’s more than welcome at a fancy event! You don’t want your jewels to be overbearing and distracting. In business meetings, you want to look sharp while combining your favorite jewelry items into your outfit. Teaming a power suit with a bright blouse and a pair of heels is a sure-fire way to create a professional and fashionable look in the workplace.



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The key to the right jewelry in a professional setting is staying sweet and simple. You don’t want your jewels to overbear your attire. An understated pair of earrings, such as diamond or silver studs complete your look without over-glamorizing your workday. If you’re donning a low neckline blouse, pair it with a simple necklace, such as a silver chain or a plain string of pearls. A chain softens suits and dark hues, giving your look a softer finish. Flaunt classy styles to your next business meeting with more selections here.


The Dinner Party

 Jewelry for a dinner party can vary depending on the occasion. A black-tie event definitely calls for exquisite pieces to pair with your flowing gown. Diamond drop earrings are an ideal choice, especially if your hair is in an updo. Team the earrings with a matching diamond necklace and bracelet for a flawless finish. Wearing a simple pendant is also a great alternative if you want to tone down the sparkle.


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On the other hand, avoid elaborate pieces if you’re attending a casual dinner party. Delicate pieces or silver chains are simple, classic designs that suit any outfit and every occasion.

Whatever you end up wearing, make sure you wear the most precious accessory of all–your smile!






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