Carpe Tempus Dare: Seize the Time for Giving

Carpe Tempus Dare: Seize the Time for Giving


As the holiday season approaches and the year draws close, our attention naturally drifts to our loved ones. How can we “speak” our love and affection for those close to us? How can we symbolize our thoughts and appreciation for others? Use the following gift guide to show your beloved how you feel with our stunning holiday jewelry.

Gifting is not a dead language; it’s a love language, a way to express and show the depth of your feelings. It’s about taking the time to select the right piece, to find something that will truly resonate and delight your loved one.


This holiday season, make a Uneek gesture and check off your “Nice” list with these brilliant pieces:


Uneek Diamond Chain Fashion Ring, in 18K Yellow Gold

Style #RB5579JG


This stunning diamond chain fashion ring comes with incredible curves and pleasing symmetry in a striking 18K yellow gold. The lower half of the chain is generously decorated with 126 sparkling round diamonds, giving this ring an unmistakable glamour.

With a side stone weight of 0.46CT of round diamonds, this ring is the perfect way to show you care during the holiday season.


Uneek Diamond Earrings, in 18K White Gold 

Style #LVE928CU


These dazzling 18K white gold earrings are a holiday gift that will stand out from the crowd. An incredible 76 round diamond combined with two 4.65CT cushion-cut diamonds gives this piece an ethereal, radiant quality. 

Set against tasteful white gold, these earrings will shimmer and glisten as they capture the heart of your beloved and the attention of anyone nearby.


Uneek “Legacy” Diamond Chain Necklace 

Style #NK2014DC


This show-stopping Uneek “Legacy” Diamond Chain Necklace is an incredible expression of love and admiration. The twists and turns of the chain will look stunning around the neck of your beloved, with remarkable gold links that are adorned with decadent diamonds.

The chain holds an astonishing 318 round diamonds, with a total weight of 8.40CT. Set against 18K yellow gold, this intriguing necklace will dazzle and astonish anyone who sets eyes upon it.


Uneek Diamond Fashion Ring 

Style #R25800AB


This Uneek Diamond Fashion Ring is sure to catch the eye. The beguiling and fresh design features a novel combination of both round and baguette diamonds set in a breathtaking pattern against the 14KT yellow gold band.

With 0.18CT round diamonds and 0.24CT baguette diamonds, this ring is beautifully composed, elegant, and brilliant. It’s sure to steal the attention of others when it glows and sparkles on the hand of your loved one during the holiday period.




Jewelry is a time-honored way to manifest your devotion over the holiday season. Memorializing your feelings of love and commitment takes time, care, and a lot of thought. It requires an understanding of the style and taste of your precious and dearest companion. 

Uneek is a jewelry designer that prides itself on excellence. All our custom jewelry and fine jewelry is made in the USA.


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