What Engagement Ring Shapes Say About You

What do you think about when you admire your engagement ring? The first thing that comes to your mind is probably the person who gave it to you. Is that everything?

Do the ring shapes say something else about those who wear them? This gift your beloved once chose symbolizes a lot more. We can help you get to the bottom of it.

Let’s see what five popular engagement ring types say about your personality:

Princess Cut Diamonds

A bride that wears a princess cut diamond shape is a glamorous person. The wedding will probably be fairy-tale style. The gown and decoration will fit in this scenario. All the elements and moments will be planned accordingly.

The lucky owner of this ring will truly feel like a princess during the big night. The need for love, tenderness, and attention also characterize this person.

Cushion Cut Ring Shapes

Those who wear cushion cut diamonds usually stick to tradition. That is a timeless stone shape. Did you get one of these ring shapes? It’s a common choice for people who seek romanticism. The person who wears it likes to do things the old fashion way.

The wedding will probably go for a classy pattern. There is something sophisticated about this person. We’re not talking about a flamboyant personality. Good taste and refinement are some of the words people use to describe her.

cushion cut engagement ring

The Traditional Round Cut Diamond

These ring shapes are usually attributed to committed couples. This classic choice fits the idea of engagement entirely. Those who wear a round cut diamond are passionate and loyal people. To them, family and stability are top priorities.

They also have a strict idea of what mutual respect means. The wedding will probably be more of a traditional one. Both partners are fond of the classic style. That will show in everything from the gown to decorations and music.

Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

The marquise cut ring shapes are a perfect option for those who like to stand out. People will probably find this person appealing. She has no intention to hide her charms. Confidence is one of her main characteristics.. She is used to getting attention.

Don’t worry though. It’s not bothering her at all. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She’s stylish and extroverted. These attributes will strike everyone attending the wedding.

marquise cut engagement ring

Heart-Shaped Diamonds

The cute heart-shaped diamond rings are charming. That might be the best option for the incurable romantic.

The person wearing it likes to state her feelings. She wants everybody to know she’s in love. We’re talking about an extrovert who likes sharing. She’s not too shy, so she doesn’t hide her feelings.

There is a tight connection between the two partners. Her constant proof of affection is the relationship’s fuel. That is a very faithful person. The ring’s shape states it out.

You’ll know her heart belongs to the one and only man in her life. The setting of the wedding will also be prone to romanticism.


There are many other fascinating things about engagement ring shapes. Be sure to check out the rest of our blog to find out more!

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