3 Fancy-Shaped Engagement Rings for the Modern Bride

Did you ring in the new year with the hope of getting a rock on your finger in 2020? We’ve got you covered, girl. With the new decade will surely come an entirely new set of wedding trends like going green with your favors, spiritually charged ceremonies and inclusive menus for every palate. One thing that will never go out of style is your future engagement ring—so let’s make sure you find the one.

If you’ve been doing your I’m-sure-he’s-going-to-propose-eventually due diligence, then you probably know by now that there are ten common shapes of diamonds, the round brilliant cut being the most popular year over year. The other nine cuts vary in shape and are sure to strike your fancy, which is why they’re known as fancy diamonds. Not really, but they are mesmerizing! Here are a few of our top picks of fancy-shaped engagement rings for the modern bride.

Style # LVS925 (Left)

You’ll love flaunting an oval diamond on your finger. This oval diamond center stone is highlighted by 72 round brilliants of pave set along the halo and in two rows down the curvey double shank that’s characteristic of our Silhouette Collection. An oval cut diamond beautifully elongates your finger, which is why celebs like Sarah Hyland and Scarlet Johansson opted for this eye-catching style. Also, when you put an oval diamond and a round diamond of the same carat weight side by side, an oval diamond will generally appear larger because it covers more surface area.

Style # LVS787RAD (Right)

If you appreciate the classic halo design but are craving a modern touch, you’ll love a radiant-cut. This Classic Radiant-Cut Diamond Halo Pavé Engagement Ring is one of our best sellers. Take note of the elevated, cut-corner halo that accentuates the shape of the center stone. A radiant cut diamond reflects light almost as effectively as a round brilliant, making it one of the most sparkly options of the fancy-cut stones.

Style # SWS105

For the bride who’s ready to take things in a totally new direction, this East-West Marquise Diamond Bypass Engagement Ring is just what you need. An east-west style ring highlights the wedding band—and you’ll want to show off all 38 of these round brilliant diamonds that complement the center stone. Similar to the oval shape, a marquise cut stone will also appear larger than a round brilliant diamond of the same carat weight because of its surface area. Also known as a “Navette” diamond – which means “little boat” – the marquise shape is said to have first been made to resemble a woman’s smile. You’ll be smiling too when you slip one of these beauties on your newly-engaged finger.

While a round brilliant diamond will always boast a classic elegance, these fancy-cut styles are stunning contenders for the modern bride. When you’ve found “the one” and are ready to find your match made in engagement ring heaven, our best advice is to visit your nearest Uneek retailer and try these styles on in person. Each cut will look and feel different on your hand so you can be sure you find a design you’ll love for a lifetime.

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