Gift Guide: Our Favorite Pieces to Say “Thank You” This Holiday Season

Gift Guide: Our Favorite Pieces to Say “Thank You” This Holiday Season

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As the season of giving approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on what has been a challenging year. The ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, and the people who helped to get us through it all. 

In the spirit of World Kindness Day (earlier this month, November 13), use this holiday season to thank those nearest and dearest in a Uneek way. If you find yourself in need of some gifting inspiration, look no further.


For Those Who Have… Made a Lasting Impression


Style #ER4422DC


There are those people who are there for us, and then there are those who do a small deed, so seemingly insignificant yet so largely a help in our eyes that it sticks with us. There is not a more appropriate gift to give those who have left a lasting impression than an exquisite pair of diamond chain earrings. 

These “Legacy” 18ct White Gold Earrings will sparkle and shine thanks to their 108 rough diamonds. Containing 2.60ct round diamonds, these 50mm earrings will stop onlookers dead in their tracks.


For Those Who Have… Lent a Helping Hand


Style #BR5644JG


From disruptions with work and virtual school, to countless delays, we’ve all experienced some difficulty over the past year. Surviving these trying times wouldn’t have been possible without those who have extended their time, assistance, and empathy.

Express your gratitude for these personal heroes with a bracelet that will adorn the wrists of their helping hands. Specifically, this magnificent “Legacy” Diamond Chain Bracelet comes with 361 round diamonds that will mesmerize onlookers. This 7″, 18k white and yellow gold Uneek bracelet is stunning in any occasion. 

Beautifully designed and full of sparkle – thanks to 1.24ct round diamonds in a siren finish – this enticing piece is engineered with an imposing amount of dash that precisely impresses passers by.


For Those Who Have… Postponed to Keep Others Safe

Style #ER4188RUDC


Yet another sacrifice of recent times – graduations, holidays, and even birthdays have been postponed to keep others safe. But you can still make your loved one’s pandemic birthday one to remember with the help of your favorite jewelry retailer.

Uneek Ruby Huggies earrings in 18k White Gold are the perfect gift for those who have sacrificed their special moments for the safety of others. With four incredible round diamonds and 12 rubies, this gemstone accessory is sure to shimmer and shine. 


For Those Who Have… Been There Through It All



Style #RB048U-3CT


What would we be without those around us? The pandemic brought into focus the peaks and troughs of life and the importance of having someone to stand by us through it all. The right ring can symbolize your gratitude for the years of support, loyalty, and (recently) co-existing in tightly shared spaces.

This Uneek Two Row Diamond Band is the ultimate way to express your devotion. 2.85ct diamonds in two glistening rows of five give this ring a special twinkle that will radiate in any room. Set against a gorgeous 18ct white gold frame, this beautiful ring is sure to delight anyone who lays eyes upon it.




Jewelry is the perfect way to express your appreciation for the loved ones who help us get through the ups and downs. We pride ourselves on excellence in our craft, with all our custom jewelry and fine jewelry made in the USA. Head to a local retailer to explore pieces to help you say “thank you”.

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