Just How Serious We Are on Quality Practices: Uneek is Now GMP Certified!

For the past 22 years, Uneek has been recognized time and again for unparalleled jewelry collections. The recipe for our success includes the ability to select the finest of diamonds, superior craftsmanship and magnificent artistry.

A force to be reckoned with in the world of diamond designer jewelry, this past month Uneek has once again been touted for extraordinary business practices and attention to detail by SGS, a global leader in quality verification and inspection. Our operation was scrutinized over several months, every step of the way — from our facility and procedures to management and execution. We are honored to receive a stamp of approval for Good Manufacturing Practice, deeming us GMP Compliant by SGS.

Our Longstanding Commitment to Excellence

From the beginning – in 1996 — we have been committed to excellence and mastery, designing pieces that are truly stunning and embrace broad appeal for every kind of woman. Our vision takes us beyond the ordinary, and our ability to take brilliant diamonds, precious metals and exquisite gemstones and create works of wearable art is nothing short of amazing.

Our collections house classic treasures for the traditional bride; contemporary pieces laden with vibrant stones and unique settings; stackable accents in whimsical shapes and sophisticated motifs; and elegant standouts and statements.

What we are most distinguished for is our creative imagination and eye for possibility. We encourage the women who wear our jewelry to step outside the box and wear something that is truly special and aligns with her true self and spirit. Gemstone inspirations allow for personal taste to shine through, with an array of stones to suit any taste and sentiment.

Brides-to-be can choose from our distinctive and unprecedented rings — pink diamond engagement rings boasting femininity and grace, or gorgeous sapphire engagement rings that are both dramatic and exquisite. Stones can be set in elaborate bands accentuated with brilliant diamonds, or simply stated in a slender piece with minimal accents.

Our sincere hope is that our exclusive pieces become family heirlooms, treasured and passed on through generations to come. Uneek’s signature styles capture the essence of contemporary American culture and meld it with the practices of traditional metalsmithing and stone-setting. Uneek continues to celebrate the art and science of creating spectacular jewelry from the earth’s most luxurious natural resources.

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