Mastering Metal: How to Decide Which is Right For You

There’s so much to think about when selecting your jewelry. Not only are there countless styles to choose from, each one often comes in an assortment of metals as well. Each metal has unique properties and even looks better on some complexions than others. As you search for the perfect piece, consider not only the diamond size, style, shapes and gemstones. Consider the metal too. Here’s a quick look at what each one brings to the table and which skin tones they look best with.


Platinum is here for the long haul. It’s stronger and more durable than gold, meaning it will keep your diamonds and gems safer and more secure. It’s also a naturally white metal, whereas gold is naturally yellow. That means you won’t have to re-polish or re-plate it like you would gold to remove any yellow hue. And if you have sensitive skin, platinum is the way to go. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Ideal for: All complexions, but particularly complements fair and rosy skin tones

Yellow Gold

Though gold is naturally yellow, yellow gold pieces are usually made by mixing gold with other metals, such as zinc or copper, to increase its strength and durability. Though your jewelry will have more gold in it the higher its karat amount, it will be less durable. So keep in mind that if you select a high-karat accessory, it is more likely to scratch or dent and will need a little extra love and polishing over time. A perk, though, is that yellow gold is extremely popular and therefore more affordable and available in a variety of styles. It’s also the least likely to irritate sensitive skin compared to white and rose gold.

Ideal for: Olive and darker skin tones

White Gold

White gold, like yellow gold, is also mixed with other metals, like nickel, to increase its durability. It gives off a similar color as platinum but will cost you less. However, like yellow gold, it is also more likely to scratch and needs more continual care compared to platinum. And because it often times has nickel it, white gold may irritate sensitive skin, so look for jewelry that’s nickel-free if you need something softer on your skin.

Ideal for: All complexions, but particularly favors fair and rosy skin tones

Rose Gold

This pinkish gold is gold mixed with a copper alloy, which creates the romantic tone that’s trending right now. Though rose gold is soft like its yellow and white counterparts, it is the strongest of all of them because of its copper component. However, it may also irritate sensitive skin, so if you still want a warmer-toned piece of jewelry, yellow gold may be for you.

Ideal for: Both warm and cool complexions, but particularly paler skin tones.


Not sure how to identify your skin’s undertone? Roll up your sleeves and look at the veins in your arm. If they appear bluer, then you have a cool skin tone, which pairs best with platinum and white gold. If they appear greener, then you have more of warm skin tone, which is best complemented by yellow and rose gold. 

Now that you know which metal will look best on you, find the perfect style! Browse our designs.

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