Kickstart Your Holiday Wishlist with These Must-have Fashion Bands

New seasons always encourage us to reflect and get excited about a fresh start. As you level up in life, mark the occasion with something special. The beloved stackable trend gives you the chance to show off these moments in sparkly layers that remind you that you’re living out your best life. 

With so many ways to stack, we’ve brought you a series of stackable collections to mark the memories with a design that fits the occasion. Explore the endless combinations of metals and styles that you can wear alone or together to build a dazzling timeline. We’re giving you fair warning that once you get on the stackable train, it’s hard to stop, and you can never get enough of these beauties.

Sweet and feminine

Sweetpea isn’t just a nickname. It’s also a flowering, climbing plant known for its colorful, sweet-smelling blooms. And the stackables of the new Sweetpea Collection flaunt playful geometry that’s flirty and charming, living up to the name. Stand out from other stacks with an intricate design featuring mirror reflections of staggered diamond clusters. Complete the look with matching earrings or pendants to radiate your feminine beauty from head to toe. 

A new twist on a classic shape

If you’re a pear-cut gal, these fashion-forward designs are your stack-dream come true. Each pear-shaped silhouette that’s woven into the new Pearity Collection rings embodies an elegant woman who’s dressed to impress. Pear clusters are artistically stacked horizontally, vertically and perpendicularly to establish unique designs. Looking to make a statement? Build a seamless style with a combination of both thin and wide bands highlighting the signature teardrop shape throughout.

In your element

Go with the flow — literally. Celebrate nature’s most powerful element with these thoughtfully constructed stackables. Inspired by water flowing over rocks, the new Pebbles and Stream Collection translates the movement of water into the design of your rings with a blend of streamlined design and geometry elements. Keep the look cohesive with a monochromatic stack or think outside of the box with a mixed-metal look. These lovelies are perfect for the girl seeking organic beauty both in her wardrobe and out in the world.

A splash of color

Spin the color wheel and you’ll land on our new Precious Collection. Your stack deserves a colorful twist, and gemstones like sapphire, rubies or emeralds will never disappoint. These stackables color outside the lines of design with a diverse variety of details, widths and stone shapes. Precious stones that represent energy and sentiment paired with your favorite metal (we have rose, white and yellow gold), make this stackable collection a personalized and timeless addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

Are you ready to slip into your first stackable set or add these new pieces into your existing collection? Find your nearest Uneek Jewelry retailer here.

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