National Diamond Month: Celebrating the World’s Most Loved Gemstone

National Diamond Month: Celebrating the World’s Most Loved Gemstone

Three billion years ago and 100 miles below the Earth’s crust, carbon atoms bond under intense heat and pressure, forming a three-dimensional crystalline structure that’s later thrust to the surface by volcanic eruptions. This remarkable process produces the hardest natural substance and the world’s most adored gemstone, diamonds.

Appropriately named from the Greek word adámas, meaning invincible, this exclusive gemstone has been celebrated for centuries across continents, cultures, and generations. Diamonds are the traditional April birthstone, making them the perfect birthday gift. April also marks National Diamond Month, a time to pause and celebrate the profound significance of diamond jewelry.

“Diamonds are rare and very special since they can be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom and have stories that transcend trends and represent a personal legacy.” – Benjamin Javaheri

Uneek Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the heart and soul of Uneek designs. They are featured as the star or supporting act of each piece in our collection. Not only do they bring an astonishing fire, brilliance, and sparkle to fine jewelry design, but they also poetically represent the unbreakable bond of love. Our purpose is to create wearable artwork that tells your personal story and is lovingly passed down for generations. Diamonds are an indispensable part of our vision.

Founding President and Master Designer, Benjamin Javaheri, compares a precious gemstone to a cherished photo ready to be framed. He designs the setting to frame the center stone and best enhance its unique properties, whether that piece becomes an engagement ring, wedding band, stackable, earring, or pendant. This process results in award-winning styles that have amazed the industry throughout our 25-year legacy.

“I thrive in my passion and hunger to be able to evolve and go beyond in pushing boundaries of what high quality and best design in jewelry are all about. I truly believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way and that nothing is impossible. I love it when people say it cannot be done and I show up to prove them wrong with the best results.” – Benjamin Javaheri

Quality, Craftsmanship, and Ethics

We proudly design and handcraft each Uneek piece in Los Angeles, CA. When you shop the Uneek collection, you’re supporting American artisanship and a team that is serious about the safety, quality, and ethics behind our sourcing and manufacturing processes

Our team evaluates all metals and diamonds to the highest quality control standards. We source our diamonds from the best cutters worldwide, and our long-standing business relationships ensure they understand that the Uneek standard must be reflected in all stones, from clear diamonds to colored gemstones. Once the proper materials are selected and vetted, every diamond piece is handmade by our jewelry artisans with superior craftsmanship and refined techniques.

Styles that Transcend Generations

Our meticulous sourcing and manufacturing practices result in the luxury diamond pieces our customers love. A great deal of care and creativity goes into each design, and that attention to high-quality detail is evident in our jewelry’s longevity. With each diamond that’s exchanged in your most meaningful moments, never underestimate the careful history of those special stones. They have traveled an impossible journey from the center of the earth to become a part of your treasured collection—and that’s the true magic of diamond jewelry.

“I wish that they get to share the great feeling of producing a piece of jewelry that will change someone’s life forever all with the best intentions. There’s no greater feeling in the world like sharing a moment of making someone’s life special.”

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