Now Trending: Teardrop Shaped Engagement Rings

Amidst all of the fashion frenzy, engagement rings are also taking part in staying up to date on current styles. Shifting away from the traditional round-cut diamond, the teardrop design is being highly sought after as the ring to pop the question with. We’ve selected a few contemporary pieces that are following the trend. Let’s take a look!


The halo is still a favorite among other settings. This stunning 4-carat diamond ring is simply elegant in platinum. There isn’t much designing needed for this white beauty to shine. Resembling the ring worn by Katherine Heigl, this is the perfect ring for a minimal, yet bold approach.


Love never goes out of style. Rose gold, the color of love, has gained much respect and popularity in the fashion world. Get pretty in pink with this featured pink diamond engagement ring. This is a one-of-a-kind ring that is uniquely designed with a two-tone double halo. The details of this ring are absolutely mesmerizing and one of our favorite picks!


After the revealing of Nikki Minaj’s massive yellow diamond rock, the color has gained even more popularity. The size of this ring is not far from such. This very impressive triple halo yellow diamond ring is surely not to be missed. When it comes to diamonds, the bigger the better!


Another all-white stunner is this three stone platinum ring. Side stones need some loving, too. For those who pay close attention to detail, this full-definition pave halo ring with kite-shaped diamonds would be the perfect pick. 

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