Oscar Jewelry Trends as Seen on the Red Carpet

Now that the awards have been given out and Leo has finally received his well deserved oscar, we can take a moment to reflect on the fashion that took place on the red carpet. The stars of Hollywood always come out looking their best for this big event. This year, we noticed white gold was taking its stand all over the red carpet and definitely the most popular look, as far as accessorizing goes. To help the ladies with some serious diamond envy, here are a few similar jewelry pieces to those seen on Oscar Sunday.

Scaled Flairs

Cate-Blanchett-Tiffany_Oscars-2016 leaf

Fashion icon Cate Blanchet brought spring to the red carpet with her floral accent dress and leaf designed accessories. Her earrings, similar to those worn by Kate Winslet, followed the current trend of elegant dangle earrings. Resembling such, is this gorgeous pair of diamond dangle earrings from Uneek. 

Diamond Studded Hoops

Margot-Robbie-hair-Tutorial-Oscars-2016 hoops

Of course the glam of the Oscars cannot spare barring plain ole fashion hoop earrings. The beautiful Margot Robbie took a simple yet chic approach to her accessorizing. The hoop earring has a reputation of being rather casual, but with a dazzling set of diamonds, it becomes far from such. If you’re looking to elevate your hoop game, these featured hoops are perfect for any formal occasion.

The TearDrop Earrings

pchopra pear

The Bollywood film actress, Priyanka Chopra, became a jewelry trendsetter overnight with these tear drop earrings that could not be missed. She made it onto the Oscars top spenders list in the accessories department. For those who like diamonds on diamonds, this pair of handcrafted halo earrings in platinum has your name on it.

Lengthy Chandeliers

emily-blunt-oscars-2016-makeup-w724 chandelier

Emily Blunt let the diamonds loose with these precious dangles. Oscar-nominee Alicia Vikander, Sofia Vergara, and Jennifer Jason Leigh are among other stars who sported the chandelier earring trend. These almost identical looking diamond chandelier earrings will stand out with any getup.

Dainty Layers

jlaw layer

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her statement necklaces on the red carpet. This time around however, she took a less bold approach and somehow still made her simple yet elegant three-strand necklace stand out brilliantly.  If you liked this look as much as we did, check out this similar double layered necklace from Uneek. Pair it with a plunging neckline just like J-Law to get the same eye-catching effect.

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