Falling for Gems: 3 Colored Gemstone Pieces We’re Loving Right Now

What’s life without a bit of color? While we love our diamonds, every jewelry wardrobe can benefit from a pop of gemstone magic. They’re not only beautiful pieces that help you stand out. Each one also carries a unique significance and power. Some are even birthstones!

Gemstones can complete or complement a number of looks, giving them more eye-catching appeal whether you’re headed to the office or to a special celebration. We pick our gems based on superior quality, color and clarity, then pair them with diamonds to ensure a rich color and plenty of sparkle.

While you can find the color you love in everything from studs to bracelets, these are the three styles we’re head-over-heels for at the moment.

Emerald Flower Ring

Style #LVRLG1367E

Stopping to smell the flowers is lovely, but we think wearing our flowers is even lovelier. While some of our other pieces have hints of floral design, we leaned into the floral motif with this emerald fashion ring. Bold and beautiful, it features six pear-cut emerald gemstones circling around a round-cut emerald. And to make sure that enchanting green hue pops, we wrapped the “petals” in a halo of diamonds then lined the band with more diamonds. This ring really does bring the #FlowerPower.

Another reason to love it: Emeralds symbolize unconditional love as well as unity, compassion and patience. It’s been worn by royalty and celebrities over the years.


Ruby Engagement Ring

Style #LVS1016OVRG

What better way to propose than with the iconic gem of passion? Rubies make a great alternative center stone for an engagement ring if you love out-of-the-box looks. Plus, you’ll still get diamonds on your finger with this style. An oval-cut ruby is highlighted by geometric diamond side stones and a split-shank outfitted with more diamonds.

Another reason to love it: Though commonly known as the stone of passion, rubies are also the stone of love, power and wealth. In general, it embodies powerful emotions. And it was considered the gem of kings in many cultures.


Sapphire Pear Pendant

Style #LVN693PSBS

Any woman can rock a sapphire, but pair this gem with your blue eyes, and you’ll never love another piece more. We adore this pendant for its intricate and glorious design. If you’re hesitant about diamonds not getting enough facetime in a gemstone piece, let this necklace put those worries to rest. A pear-cut sapphire gets additional shine from two diamond halos — one wrapped around it and another framing the inner halo — and is suspended by a series of round diamonds that lead up to the necklace chain. Wear this majestic piece anytime, anywhere.

Another reason to love it: Sapphires are considered the stone of mental clarity, order and devotion, making them the perfect gem to include in a birthday or anniversary gift.

Looking for something different but just as colorful? Explore all sorts of gemstone beauties here to find the one that’s most like your style.

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