Our Top 6 Picks for Valentine’s Day

Love and style have at least one thing in common: No love and no style is exactly the same. Each woman has her own unique love story and fashion sense — one that she should celebrate through creative expression. To us, the best way to do that is through the beauty and precision of fine jewelry. Worn alone or combined with other pieces, each style makes a statement, communicating something about the wearer in every sparkle. This Valentine’s Day, help the special girl in your life express who she is — after all, it’s who she is that captured your heart in the first place, guys! Need a good starting place? Here are 6 styles we know she’ll love.

Stackable Bands

With so many stunning styles, it’s easy to find something that will wow your beloved this year. Stackable bands from the Us Collection or Tinseltown Collection add shape, shine and intrigue to her fingers. Stackables put expression and creativity in her hands, as she decides how to arrange them — each combination resulting in a whole different vibe. These bands make beautiful additions to her bridal or fashion stack. Find them in white, yellow or rose gold.

New Fashion Rings

Warm her heart with plenty of ice this Valentine’s Day. Our new fashion rings feature distinctive and dynamic designs, all enhanced by glittering diamonds across the whole surface of the ring. These glamorous styles will do all the talking — wear one and instantly elevate her style to another plane of luxury. If she’s a woman who likes to stand out, these rings were literally designed for her. Explore all fashion rings and bands.

Style numbers, from left to right: LVR113, WB225 and LVR100

Y Necklace

Nothing says elegance like a delicate and refined Y necklace. From the Royal Blue Collection, this Oval Blue Sapphire Y Pendant Necklace with Accent Round Diamonds supplies the winter blues she’ll actually like with a bold and vibrant sapphire oval center. Add a halo of diamonds, a half-carat round with matching diamond halo and tons of accent diamonds and you’ve got a beautiful contrast and plenty of shine that will steal the spotlight.

Gemstone Bands

Some ladies like to stand out with chunky diamond pieces. Others choose to stand out by adding more color rather than more shine or shape. Heavenly gemstones transform classic styles into strikingly unconventional eternity bands. These pieces can function as statement rings or stand out in a group. Their versatility gives her the option to wear them alone or within her bridal or fashion stack. Find gemstone bands in sapphire, emerald and ruby.

Statement Earrings

Dramatic drop, a pop of color and irresistible shine. It’s all she wants — and needs — in a statement earring. These Pear-Shaped Yellow Diamond Dangle Earrings give her a glamorous glow with eye-catching yellow diamonds whose teardrop shape is highlighted by a double halo of diamonds. From the Natureal Collection, this pair celebrates individuality and self-expression and is designed with the rarest yellow diamonds in the world, making her truly feel one-of-a-kind.


Swap the chocolate out for some wrist candy this year. These understated designs stack together to create something unique — whether you’re going for romantic, Art Deco or edgy. She can mix and match textures, shapes, colors and more to bring her sense of style to life with every flick of her wrist.

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