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Spring Proposals: A Guide to Rings, Parties, and More

Spring Proposals: A Guide to Rings, Parties, and More

Spring is finally here. The days are longer, the birds are singing, and flowers and trees are in bloom. It’s a time for rebirth, renewal, and optimism for the future. What better time to propose to the person you love?   The Piece: Spring Engagement 

“As Seen On” Celebrity Jewelry

“As Seen On” Celebrity Jewelry

A look back at some noteworthy celebrity jewelry trends that have lit up the red carpet and social media in recent years.     Celebrity Jewelry Trends The fashion and jewelry trends of celebrities and influencers are undoubtedly some of the most iconic aspects of 

How to Spot Fake Jewelry

How to Spot Fake Jewelry

If we have learned anything from Netflix’s latest true-crime sensation, “The Tinder Swindler,” it is that things are not always as they seem. In life, there are several situations where you may need to check the validity of a diamond, such as resale, purchasing for the first time, or insuring a family heirloom.


We ask our diamond experts to share how to spot fake jewelry and what to do if you are unsure about the quality of your precious stone.


Signs It’s A Fake Diamond



One of the most reliable ways to check if you have a fake diamond is to check the setting. Generally, a fake diamond may be placed inside an expensive setting. If your piece is gold, check for markings that suggest it’s 10K/417, 14K/585, or 18K/750. If the jewelry is platinum, check for a PT stamp.


The absence of these markings may suggest that your ring is not genuine. If you are wondering what is fake jewelry made of, it will most likely be one of these gems:


  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Glass
  • Lab-grown diamond
  • Moissanite
  • White Sapphire
  • White Spinel
  • White Topaz
  • White Zircon


Another marking you can look for is a C.Z. This stamp suggests your diamond is made from cubic zirconia.


Each of these gemstones has its own distinguishing characteristics and chemical compositions. As a result, techniques to identify each one vary. However, if you are evaluating the legitimacy of a diamond, your main concern will be understanding and testing the characteristics of a genuine stone.



Source Your Diamonds from a Trusted, Expert Jeweler



At Uneek Jewelry, we are committed to ensuring that every stage of production is of the highest standard. We perform exacting due diligence both before and after manufacturing our products.


Our gold goes through a strict assay process prior to casting, and all our finished products complete a CVD check. A CVD diamond is a lab-grown diamond that is created through the process of chemical vapor deposition. CVD stands for chemical vapor deposition.


More colorless synthetic diamonds produced by CVD have been appearing on the market in recent years. However, these CVD-processed stones have several telltale characteristics when compared to diamonds produced by natural geologic forces.


​​When in Doubt, Get it Tested



There are several “at home” tests you can use to help determine if your diamond is real or fake. Some of these methods are reasonably reliable; others lack the rigor of a professional test. In truth, if you need total reassurance that you’re holding a legitimate diamond, the best thing you can do is to leave the testing to the experts.


Here are some of the home testing techniques you can use if you are wondering how to spot fake jewelry.


#1. “The Diamond Tester” on Amazon

Diamonds are good heat conductors. As a result, you can purchase a thermal conductivity probe to help you spot fake jewelry. If your stone disperses heat slowly, it is a good sign that the diamond is not real. Note that moissanite stones disperse heat in a similar manner to genuine diamonds. As such, this method has its limitations.


#2. Sparkle Test

The Sparkle Test is another way to learn how to spot fake jewelry. Hold your diamond under a light source and observe how it sparkles. A genuine diamond reflects light extremely well and scatters vibrant rainbow colors.


#3. Water Test

Real diamonds are dense. A straightforward way to test your diamond is to take a glass of water and fill it three-quarters of the way. Then, place your diamond into the water. If it sinks, it’s real; if it floats, it’s fake.


#4. Fog Test

The Fog Test is often considered the most reliable home test for fake jewelry. As mentioned above, diamonds conduct heat. To test the conductivity of your diamond, hold it in your hands and breathe on it. A light fog should form on the diamond. If it dissipates quickly, you likely have a natural diamond. However, if it stays put for a few seconds, it’s a sign you have fake jewelry.


#5. Newspaper Test

Diamonds refract light. One way to test this characteristic is to lay your stone, side down, over a newspaper. If you can read the lettering through the diamond, it’s almost certainly a fake. This test is best used on loose diamonds.


#6. Conductivity Test

As highlighted above, moissanite and diamonds have a similar level of thermal conductivity. These characteristics make well-constructed moissanite diamonds challenging to spot. One significant difference between the respective stones is that diamonds resist electricity, while moissanite does not. Your local, trusted jeweler will be able to perform this test on your behalf.


#7. Scratch Test

The Scratch Test is frequently cited as a way to spot fake jewelry. The idea is that because diamonds are the hardest mineral, you can scratch them against a mirror, and they will leave a mark. To understand why this method is unreliable, we should consult the Mohr scale. According to this measure of mineral hardness, a mirror is rated at 5.5, and a diamond is rated at 10. As such, the diamond will scratch the mirror. However, cubic zirconia, moissanite, and quartz have Mohs ratings of 8, 9.25, and 7, respectively. Each of these gems will leave a scratch on a mirror, making this test highly inconclusive.


If you are concerned your diamond may not be authentic, we highly recommend that you take it to an expert jeweler for testing and advice.





There are several situations where you need assurance that a diamond is genuine. Buying from a trusted and reputable jeweler is one of the best ways to guarantee that your diamond is authentic. However, if you are entering the resale market or have inherited or been gifted a diamond, you may want to check its provenance. While are some techniques you can use to check at home, none of them will provide you with the conclusive proof you can get by consulting a jewelry expert to review your pieces.


When you choose Uneek, you are assured of excellence and complete satisfaction across every aspect of the process. Uneek’s uncompromising dedication to providing only the best quality, the most refined artistry, and true personal service is our promise to every customer we serve.


Furthermore, all Uneek pieces are proudly designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA. When you choose Uneek Jewelry, not only are you guaranteed top-class quality, you are stamping your support for American artisanship and contributing to the commitment of keeping the craft alive here in our home.

Centurion 2022: Uneek Does It Again!

Centurion 2022: Uneek Does It Again!

In the recently concluded, Centurion Jewelry Show at the historic Arizona Biltmore, one of its highlights is the Centurion Excellence In Design Awards. It is a design competition between its exhibitors – with the retailers and stores as the judges. The most out-of-the-box and unique 

Retailer Resources: Valentine’s Day

Retailer Resources: Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, retailers across the country are filled with excitement and apprehension. The day is synonymous with chocolates, flowers, and, most memorable of all, jewelry.    Valentine’s Day is an important event in any jeweler’s calendar. So we have prepared some jewelry insider 

10 Reasons Jewelry is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

10 Reasons Jewelry is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Showing our most profound appreciation for those we love should be a routine affair. However, going that extra mile on Valentine’s Day to gift those we treasure works magic. After all, this is a tradition that has carried on since the 3rd century. In particular, gifting a loved one jewelry on Valentine’s Day is especially special!


Many gifts love birds often share on Valentine’s Day are easily accessible, too casual, or fade away as fast. However, gifting your partner with jewelry on that all-important day for lovers can easily leave a lasting impression on their hearts. Everyone loves to feel special, and the feeling is even greater when the gift presented is priceless. 


Have you been wondering “why you should give jewelry for Valentine’s Day?”  Here’re ten reasons to gift jewelry to a loved one in this season of love. 


1 – A Lasting Investment



Jewelry is not a simple purchase; it’s a long-term investment. Unlike other gifts that are only cherished in the present, jewelry is an everlasting token. It touches the core of a loved one’s heart when you invest in them. We say “diamonds are forever” because most jewelry is a store of value. Our range of diamond earrings is a true testament. You have the assurance that the recipient of such a valuable gift will cherish it forever.  If you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one — a true, tangible investment symbol of love — look no further than our Legacy Collection. Evoke exquisite charm and bedazzle your sweetheart with our “Legacy” Diamond Chain Necklace, in 18K Yellow Gold. Featuring 396 round diamonds with 4.11ct round diamonds, its glittering finish will strike onlookers.




2 – Heirloom-Worthy Pieces that Tell a Story



A gift that keeps giving — yet another reason Jewelry is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Every family has a precious piece that outlives generations. Gifting jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift enhances that emotional tie to a piece that can be passed down to many generations long after you are gone. No other Valentine’s Day gift is as heirloom-worthy as a piece of jewelry.


High in quality and crafted to symbolize an everlasting love, fine jewelry gifts withstand the test of time. Look no further than our Leverback Diamond Earrings, in 18K White Gold. This resplendent pair of earrings is concocted with a superb amount of flicker and great in every form, for every wearer. Your loved one is bound to take delight in a meaningful piece of jewelry that can be passed down from one generation to the next without losing its intrinsic value. Suppose you are considering the best Valentine’s Day gifts for a person you genuinely treasure. In that case, the heirloom worthiness of jewelry should be a perfect reason to consider these charming gifts. 




3 – Customizable to Every Personality



The best Valentine’s gift should be one that can be customizable to capture a personalized message to a loved one. Imagine giving a loved one a valentine’s gift that memorializes that particular day. Wouldn’t that be memorable? With jewelry, you can engrave a heartfelt message to your Valentine or, better yet, find the perfect piece to match their personality.


Are you shopping around for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your heartthrob? How about you consider a gift that’s easy to customize in a way that makes your love a personal affair. Jewelry achieves that exact objective for you and helps create memories that last beyond forever. Let us help get you started with designing your perfect piece to say, “I love you”.



4 – Loving Reminder for Long Distance Relationships



Long-distance relationships can be frustrating. It is a terrible feeling to miss your lover, especially on Valentine’s Day. Get ahead of the strain this coming Valentine’s Day by browsing our dazzling selection of diamond bracelets and earrings to serve as a hugging reminder of your affection. Unlike a Valentine’s gift that easily diminishes in value, jewelry offers a more lasting experience for lovebirds. Say, “I miss your embrace” with our “Legacy” Diamond Bracelet, in 18K White/Yellow Gold. Engineered with a moving amount of shimmer, it is the perfect way to link yourselves in spite of physical distance. You are sure to steal the attention of your long-distance lover regardless of the miles that separate you when you present jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift. 




5 – Symbolizes Emotional Closeness



Jewelry’s unique energy and affecting attachment are prime motivations to give your heartthrob a priceless piece this Valentine’s Day. There is a special symbolism and sentimental value associated with jewelry. If you are searching for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift that has a unique ability to stir emotional closeness, you cannot go wrong with a radiant row of diamonds. Reaffirm your love with this gorgeous strand of Diamonds By The Yard Diamond Necklace, in 18K Rose Gold. Its exquisite impact is always a guarantee to blur onlookers.


Looking to propose this upcoming Valentine’s Day? Share an unforgettable moment when you adorn your lover’s finger with our Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring. Sure to provoke awe, this prestigious is gorgeous for your soul mate and will intensify the deep emotional connection you share. 





6 – Rekindles Romance



Nothing rekindles romance more than an opulent gemstone. This Valentine’s Day, you’ll have hit the romantic pinnacle by gifting your sweetheart jewelry to commemorate your love. Every couple needs a ticking point that helps rekindle their romance. Jewelry is the embodiment of romance, and one option you can never go wrong with gifting to express how deep your love goes on Valentine’s Day. 



7 – Bold Declaration of Love



This Valentine’s Day, go for a gift that is bold and embellished. Jewelry is the true definition of a bold gesture. If you are looking for a gift with a strong statement, jewelry is the perfect option. Nothing makes a more breathtaking impact than our Natureal Diamond Pendant, in 18K White/Yellow Gold. The ideal piece for the either confident lover in your life or as a bold declaration that you know your love will last. As Valentine’s Day draws near, seize the opportunity to adorn your special someone with a gift that embodies class.




8 – Perfect for Every Age, Every Style



Is age a limiting factor for finding your sweetheart the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Withstand the test of time (looking at you, highschool and college sweethearts), with this splendid stackable Diamond Fashion Ring, in 14K White Gold, crafted to captivate anyone with its dramatic shine served by its 12 round diamonds and 30 baguette diamonds. Age appropriate and fitting for every personality, jewelry is a universally flattering Valentine’s Day gift.





9 – Something They Wouldn’t Gift Themselves


Soar above mundane gifting. The perfect gift to your Valentine is something they would not typically treat themselves to. Flowers and apparel are easily bought, and often sought as a form of self-care. Show YOU care in the moment with an extraordinary piece of jewelry. Serve dazzling looks with our Diamond Tennis Bracelet. This delicate 18k white gold Uneek tennis bracelet is gorgeous for your true love, and is bound to dazzle viewers with its 32 round diamonds and 8 emerald cut diamonds in a lovely finish.




10 – Elicits Surprise and Delight



Surprise and delight your Valentine with jewelry and watch their face light up. Jewelry as a gift is always met with unmatched emotion, and it is sure to elicit shock and awe. Elicit a glow that radiates inside and out of your sweetheart by giving our Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring on Valentine’s Day. You will feel their excitement soar as they embrace this remarkable eternity band, complete with 24 emerald cut diamonds (3.48ct) in a bewitching setting.




Jewelry is Forever! And so is Your Love.


Valentine’s Day can be a time of unmatched frustration for lovers trying to find the perfect gift. Complications, such as seeking a personalized option or something that truly aligns with your sweetheart’s style, can make gift-giving a nearly impossible feat. Combat any obstacle with jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift to your heartthrob on February 14th. Apart from being a lasting, heirloom-worthy investment, jewelry is a personality piece, making it the most priceless and unique option you can adorn to a loved one with. Spruce up romance and seize the season of love with a dazzling piece from Uneek Jewelry.


Does jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift excite you? Drop a hint, get inspired, or browse our unique collections to find that special piece. 


Which 2022 Jewelry Trend is Perfect for You?

Which 2022 Jewelry Trend is Perfect for You?

From yellow diamonds to stackable pieces, here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 jewelry trends and which ones will go best with your personality.   2022 Jewelry Trends to Keep an Eye On   We’ve got our eyes on 2022 jewelry trends that 

Reasons to Visit Us at Centurion 2022

Reasons to Visit Us at Centurion 2022

  2022 is around the corner, and we could not be more thrilled to return to Phoenix, Ariz., for The Centurion Jewelry Show.  Composed of the top jewelry professionals in the industry, this show features exhibitors selected on quality and reliability. For newcomers, let us 

2022 Engagement Ring Trends

2022 Engagement Ring Trends

Call it a comeback — 2021 provided us with a thrill of hope and a revival of ageless trends in the engagement ring space. 

As we look ahead to 2022, we sense a strong continuation of certain styles. For the innovative minds who may be faint at heart upon this news, take care. There are also an abundance of exciting releases and trends pushing ahead as we enter a New Year.  

Read on to discover our team’s predictions for what we’ll see in 2022.


Elongated Diamond Cuts




“When thinking of cuts, emeralds are definitely still hot, and radiant cuts are pushing their way to the top of a bride’s wish list.” – Benjamin Javaheri, Founding President and Master Designer


Jumping off with a continuation from last year’s prediction: Emerald diamonds remain a coveted favorite of brides this year.

Composed of clean, linear facets, this versatile stone pairs impeccably well with countless settings. This style exudes confidence — radiating from its dazzling shape and the woman who wears it. We are confident this style will continue to hold its place atop the fancy-cut throne.


Style # LVS1042

Style # LVS1042


Radiant Cuts are not to be missed and continue to be a trend we see blowing up in 2022. A radiant cut has 40-57 facets, almost doubling the brilliance of a round cut. This type of dazzling gem is often recommended for those who want a square or rectangular look, as the facets will reflect more light and create more sparkle.



Multiple Center Stones


3-stone oval


“​​The three-stone oval engagement ring is a must-have silhouette for brides.” – Benjamin Javaheri, Founding President and Master Designer


If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, look no further than the 3-stone Oval Ring. Favored by our team as a good alternative to a traditional, single center stone setting, it is positively eye-catching with one diamond in the center flanked by two equally stunning stones or diamonds. Combine style with symbolism with three stones representing the past, present and future. 


Style # SWUS308OV-8X5.8OV


Ring Stacks


Alternating Stackables

We are still holding strong to stackable rings — not only a gorgeous accompaniment to a stunning engagement ring, but perfect for any occasion.

For those who love mixing and matching, alternating stackable round and emerald cut bands heed the call of modern women everywhere who seek creative ways to express their individuality. 



Us Collection

A notable favorite of Benjamin’s, the Us Collection includes unique and stylish stackable diamond bands worthy to adorn the fingers of brides and stylish women alike. A beautiful mix of round and emerald cut stackable rings adds extra sparkle to any engagement ring and creates a stunning visual effect.



Other Noteworthy Trends


Colored Gemstones

The late-2021 release of “Spencer” no doubt contributes to the ongoing hype of Princess Diana’s sapphire-and-diamond ring — and with it, that special “thing” we have for colored gemstones.

The surge continues for colorful engagement rings as more and more brides seek sophisticated, out-of-the-box pieces. Specifically, we see a higher demand for glittering sapphires, dazzling yellow diamonds, charismatic emeralds, and thrilling pinks.



There’s no doubt that 2022 will be an opportunity of revival for many, and with it, engagement ring trends we know and love. With that, we’re holding to hope, peace, and excitement to see how the fresh start of another year impacts trends in fashion and jewelry. Our biggest piece of advice when choosing your engagement ring is to pick a style that molds with your vision of your best, most unique self.

Holiday Cocktails and the Cocktail Rings to Match

Holiday Cocktails and the Cocktail Rings to Match

As you step out for the season, it would be amiss to not pay due homage to one piece that truly stands out – the cocktail ring. A moment to embrace and express your personality and style, cocktail rings are an essential sidekick to any