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Uneek x Mayors Core Collection on JCK Online

Uneek x Mayors Core Collection on JCK Online

JCK Online writes about Uneek x Mayors Core Collection — an exclusive assortment for the store priced from $1,000 to $20,000 designed collaboratively to meet the specific needs of the contemporary Mayors customers. “We have had Uneek in store for over five years and saw 

Uneek lands the cover of The Jewelry Book Summer Issue 2021

Uneek lands the cover of The Jewelry Book Summer Issue 2021

Uneek celebrates its 25th anniversary with The Jewelry Book Summer Issue 2021. The magazine cover features Uneek’s breathtaking white and pink diamonds from the Natureal and Petal Collections.               Sparkle Spotlight IGTV Video Interview

5 Jewelry Trends from the 90s That Are Back in Style

5 Jewelry Trends from the 90s That Are Back in Style

The resurgence of 90’s trends in today’s fashion can be a mixed bag of emotions for some.

While we can’t say we miss the swishing sound that accompanies every step while wearing a windbreaker, there are some trends that can bring a fun, nostalgic touch to your 21st-century outfit. If you want an elevated blast from the past, check out these 90’s inspired fine jewelry pieces below!

1. Gothic Style Pieces

Perhaps you never fully committed to the popular gothic style of the ’90s. (We get it. Black lipstick is hard to apply every morning.)

Good thing this style is back! Add a dash of Victorian style to your outfit with these cross pendant necklaces:

Style #LVN623

Channel your gothic years (sans the heavy kohl eyeliner) with this 18k yellow gold diamond cross pendant. This stunning piece features almost a carat worth of diamonds surrounding an inspiring agate center. Standing at 4 inches tall, this bold pendant adds a grunge touch to any outfit.

Style #LVNWC823W

Want a more minimalistic take on the gothic style? We’ve got you covered there too! Check out this petite cross pendant necklace. Available in white, rose, or yellow gold, this piece is guaranteed to fit with your current wardrobe while adding just a touch of 90’s inspiration. The mixed-size clusters of diamonds add a unique touch to this simple, yet beautiful piece. 

2. Chunky Chains

Chunky chains could be seen around the necks of anyone with a sense of style in the ’90s. Looking around now, nothing has changed! From athleisure to a night out, these chains add a bold, yet elevated statement to any look.

These are a few of our favorites:

Style #NK1946DC

This edgy chain necklace is made of 18k white and yellow gold and features a bar and ring clasp adorned with 137 round diamonds. The simple design of this chain, in conjunction with the sparkling closure, truly makes it a day-to-night piece. (Especially if that daytime outfit happens to include a designer bucket hat.)

Style #BR0910JG

Add a dash of 90’s flair to your outfit with this chunky diamond chain bracelet. Embellished with over a thousand round diamonds, this piece is guaranteed to garner some attention. Especially with 8.47 carats of shining diamonds peeking out from under your sleeve.

3. Sparkly Chokers

Want to reminisce on the days of the infamous plastic choker without ever having to step foot in a Hot Topic? Elevate this look with a more sparkly piece. Chokers can add a flirty touch to any outfit, especially when they’re dripping in diamonds.

Style #LVNNR7828R

Show off your funky style with this stunner from Uneek’s Cascade Collection. Adorn your collarbones with 7 shining disks of round diamond clusters attached to an 18k rose gold chain. With over 40 diamonds sprinkled across this piece, you’re guaranteed to shine.

4. Cocktail Rings

Style #R2001GTU

Chunky, colorful plastic rings donned every last finger in the ’90s. Channel this feeling with this Green Indicolite Tourmaline Cocktail Ring, complete with 60 round diamonds surrounding the inspiring green indicolite tourmaline cushion center. There is no shortage of glitz with this piece, especially with a 3.27 ct stone in the center.

5. Cuff Bracelets

So long are the days of the plastic slap bracelet. We’ve grown up, and so has our jewelry. 

Style #BA038

Decorate your wrists with this 5-Row Round Diamond Cuff Bracelet. Over 30 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds are encapsulated in 18k white gold on this gorgeous piece.  If you’re looking for a statement piece with ’90s inspiration, this is the one for you.

90’s Jewelry Trends Are In

The ’90s are back. 

Elevate your nostalgia with these stunning jewelry pieces, all available at your local Uneek Jewelry seller. Need help locating one? Find it here.

Supply Chain: Fall 2021 Jewelry Must-Have

Supply Chain: Fall 2021 Jewelry Must-Have

Nineties fashion called, and it’s time to lock in the chain-link trend because it’s here to stay. This delightfully clunky look has been spotted all over the fine jewelry scene over the last few years. How can you incorporate this statement accessory into your wardrobe? 

Seasonal Refresh: Setting an Intentional Aesthetic with Precious Gems

Seasonal Refresh: Setting an Intentional Aesthetic with Precious Gems

Styling a perfect color palette is both a science and an art. Colors are powerful; they can evoke emotion, convey an attitude, and make a lasting impression. This fall, take inspiration from Mother Nature herself by embracing a spectrum of seasonal colors. The rich stones 

July Birthstone: 7 Ruby PIeces We’re Loving Right Now

July Birthstone: 7 Ruby PIeces We’re Loving Right Now

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in July. This month also celebrates the glowing red of ruby gemstones, the July birthstone. Symbolic of love, passion, desire, protection, and prosperity (to name a few), this red hot gemstone has a long history. The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means “red.” Ruby is also known as the “stone of kings” for its connection to power and wealth.

Similar to sapphires, rubies are a nine on the Mohs hardness scale, second to only diamonds. Believe it or not, rubies and sapphires are comprised of the same mineral, corundum. The July birthstone gets its red hue from trace amounts of the element chromium and comes in various reds, from blush pinks to darker shades of brown and maroon. Its fiery and bold color has blazed a trail throughout history and is the subject of many legends and myths.

Whether you’re celebrating a July birthday or simply want to add a luminous addition to your summer wardrobe, let’s explore a few ruby pieces that are igniting our inspiration this month.

Ruby Statement Ring

Ruby Statement Ring

Style # LVBMI1332R

This radiant 18K white gold ruby and diamond statement ring is fit for a queen (or king). Comprised of 94 round diamonds and five oval rubies, this scintillating statement piece will speak for itself at your next cocktail party. Wear this brilliant beauty as a right-hand ring for a glamorous display of style.

Ruby Drop Earrings

Ruby and Diamond Drop Earrings

Style # LVEMT0096R

Drop it like it’s hot with these oval ruby dangle earrings with pave diamond halos. Set in 14K white gold, each floating gemstone will add a vivid cerise flair to your evening ensemble. Pair this striking set with a bright white garment to heat up your summer look.

Ruby Huggies

Ruby and Diamond Huggie Earrings

Style # ER4188RUDC

Whether you’re jet-setting to somewhere exotic or enjoying an urban retreat, this set of ruby huggies is the all-occasion piece that any July baby needs. The playful geometry of each dainty – but dazzling – hoop earring embodies the fun festivities associated with summer birthdays. Flaunt this fiery design and embrace one of the hottest earring trends of 2021.

Ruby Stackable Ring

Ruby and Diamond Stackable Ring

Style # SWS190HFRU

A July baby’s stackable collection isn’t complete without a dainty 14K white gold diamond and ruby stackable. This captivating design stands out on its own or can blend beautifully within a stack. You’ll love slipping into this symbolic style.

Ruby Pendant Necklace

Ruby Pendant Necklace

Style # LVN1015OVRU

This vintage-inspired oval ruby pendant is one for the history books. This exquisite design exudes a luxury aesthetic centered around the ruby centerpiece. Wear this high fashion accessory as the crowning jewel of your eveningwear.

Ruby Fashion Ring

Ruby Fashion Ring

Style # R88701RUCB

This intricate fashion ring is reminiscent of a crown, a subtle nod to the royals who revered rubies for generations. Slide into this gleaming style to elevate a casual look or leave a lasting impression at a formal event. 

Ruby Bracelet

Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Style # LVBRMT1631R

There’s no better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than with 360° of rubies and diamonds. This versatile design will transcend through time as a bracelet you can cherish in every season of life. Pair this piece with neutral block colors to accentuate the beauty of the precious stones.

It’s clear why the rich red hue of a ruby gemstone has earned its glowing reputation. With our heirloom-worthy ruby jewelry, the extravagant history of rubies has only just begun. You can explore more gemstone pieces from the Uneek collection here.

2021 INSTORE Design Awards

2021 INSTORE Design Awards

We have a reputation for setting an unparalleled standard in fine jewelry. Each wearable work of art is handcrafted in a technique led by classic traditions and enhanced by modern technology. This meticulous design and manufacturing process results in heirloom-worthy, award-winning pieces. Uneek Jewelry received 

Red, Bright & Hue: 6 Patriotic Gemstone Pieces

Red, Bright & Hue: 6 Patriotic Gemstone Pieces

Summer is finally here! As the weather heats up, so should your style—and there’s no better time to start than with the quintessential summer holiday like July 4th. This sunny occasion is your sign that it’s time to adorn yourself in some classic holiday hues from head to toe, starting with your accessories. If you’re ready to swap your slippers for sandals, why not treat yourself to something special for your jewelry collection too?

While you prepare for the festivities ahead, keep in mind that one of the best ways to celebrate our nation’s independence is by buying American-made products. All Uneek pieces are proudly designed and handcrafted at our Los Angeles headquarters. When you purchase a Uneek piece, you show your support for American artisanship and contribute to keeping the craft alive here in our home. So if you’re ready to honor the stars and stripes with a bit of sparkle, let’s explore a few patriotic pieces from our gemstone collection to help get you in the spirit!

Let Freedom Ring with Gemstone Eternity Bands

Oval Diamond and Ruby Eternity Band


Even the Royals wouldn’t deny this ruby and diamond beauty. The 18K yellow gold setting adds a rich glow around the gleaming oval cut rubies and diamonds. Flaunt this piece to make a sparkling statement all summer long.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Style # RB4000SU

Style # ETEMBSD4PRC-900

Are you looking for something blue to add to your 4th of July outfit? Make a bold impression with a blue sapphire and diamond band. Pair these styles with a red and white sundress to achieve an effortless holiday weekend glam.

Star-Spangled Stackables

Three-stone oval sapphire and diamond fashion ring

Style # LVBLG445S

This 18K white gold sapphire fashion ring celebrates American artisanship in every groove. The three oval sapphires combine with 46 round diamonds to create an eye-catching style that rivals any fireworks display. Slip into this heirloom-worthy beauty and enjoy the sparkle for generations to come.

Ruby and diamond fashion ring

Style # LVBMI376R

Dazzle everyone with this 18K white gold ruby and diamond fashion ring. This patriotic pick is reminiscent of the iconic red and white stripes on the flag. You’ll be ready to party anywhere in the U.S.A. with this devoted design.

Holiday Weekend-Ready Hoop Earrings

Ruby and diamond huggie hoop earrings

Style # ER4186RUDC

These versatile huggies can be worn from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between. The dainty rubies add a remarkable pop of color to this go-to style. Whether you’re headed to a beachside barbeque or a rooftop fireworks display, this subtle sparkle is just what you need to inspire a patriotic look.

sapphire and diamond hoop earrings

Style # LVE1391BSW

Any American girl will shine in these delightful 14K white gold hoops. Comprised of round diamonds and oval sapphires, this dynamic pair of earrings will smoothly take you from day to night of your holiday weekend outfits.

A Pendant with Patriotic Pride

Sapphire and Diamond Y Pendant

Style # LVN692OVBS

This show-stopping Y pendant necklace features a magnificent oval blue sapphire center surrounded by a scintillating halo of round diamonds. If you’re dressing to impress in eveningwear, this striking piece will dangle delicately on your décolletage. Add this pendant as the finishing touch to your outfit if you’re attending a military ball or other formal 4th of July event.

We hope these patriotic pieces from our Gemstone Jewelry Collection inspired your look! At Uneek, Independence Day is a symbolic holiday for our American-made brand. We are proud to contribute to our national economy and provide jobs for the hardworking, talented people on our team. Wherever you’re celebrating, we wish you a happy 4th of July from all of us at Uneek.


Stories Behind the Signature Collection

Stories Behind the Signature Collection

Marilyn Monroe’s flowy white dress. Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress. Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring. Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings. Some fashion moments are truly iconic, going down in history as a signature style. Signature styles are those that create memorable, lasting impressions, and that’s exactly