How to Make Your Ring Stack Uniquely You

Think of all the qualities that make you who you are. The list is truly endless—and that’s the goal for our stackable collection. We craft versatile bands as unique as you are that can be combined to embody your signature style. From bold and sexy to sweet and subtle, let’s design a stack that’s brimming with your personality and pizazz.


Style # LVBWA862Y

Style # LVBWA908Y

Style # LVBNA285Y

Switch it up with contrasting textures

In fashion jewelry, texture has a big impact on your stackable collection. Metals can be manipulated into a variety of styles to create a mixture of gorgeous textures. Experimenting with smooth, beaded, hammered or twisted metals will add movement to your stack—even if you opt for a monochromatic combo. Mix and match to your heart’s desire with these thoughtfully designed rings.

Style Tip: Start by mixing a smooth texture with a heavily detailed texture to kick off your stack set.

Style # SWS211W

Style # LVBWA857R

Get playful with shapes

The chic interplay of geometric and organic shapes can graduate your stackable from ordinary to extraordinary. Stack two or three of these bands together, varying the positions of the diamonds as you layer to create an eclectic blend of forms and figures. Our diamond stackable shapes range from baguette to round and everything in between!

Mix and match metals

Many of our stackable styles come in your choice of yellow, white or rose gold. Keep your stack dynamic by incorporating two or more colors or go for a tasteful contrast with one dominant color accented by smaller rings of a second color. 

Style Tip: Look at your existing jewelry collection to see which metal you wear the most and use that as a starting line for your stack!

Style # LVBMI2067E

Style # LVB0722YRWF

Add a pop of color

Incorporating a splash of color into your stacking set is an excellent way to let your personality shine through the sparkle of your jewels. Color can add a vibrant dimension to your stack combo as well as communicate your mood. Whether you incorporate a birthstone or your favorite color, a gemstone will elevate your stack’s custom appeal.

With so many versatile and unique looks to choose from, it’s easy to find an irresistible stackable combo that you’ll love. Dainty diamond rings like these present endless opportunities for infusing your personality and unique to any stack.

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