Pop Quiz: What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

What you wear is one of the main ways you express who you are without even saying a word. Wearing all black or always wearing print says two different things about someone’s personality. That fact applies to your engagement ring too. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cut to reflect you or you already have something sparkly on your finger, when you let your ring do the talking, here’s what it says about you.


You love pieces that never go out of style and gravitate toward the classics. You’re the kind of woman who delights in the simple treasures and respects tradition. The most popular engagement ring style, round cuts are timeless, never too flashy and easy to upgrade with a halo, split shank or three-stone style.


You share a lot of the same traits as the round-cut gal, but sometimes you want a little extra flair. Above all, though, you shoot for something dreamy that reflects a soft romance. That’s exactly what an oval cut provides, while also offering a look that’s currently trendy.


You’re a woman with refined tastes. You like sleek pieces with a bit of edge but want something that can be worn and admired for many years. You also have a deep appreciation for precision and pieces made with expert craftsmanship. Emeralds give you that understated sophistication with a strong and unique design.


You’re the ultimate modern girl and you’re not afraid to show it. You’re all about geometry, clean lines and strong designs that reflect your free spirit. The princess cut (the middle ring in the photo) has a sleek square shape with step- and brilliant-cut facets for a contemporary piece with maximum sparkle.


You’re caught somewhere in between loving the old and craving the new. You lean toward pieces that are unique but not over-the-top. You also want something that can stand the test of time. Pear cuts, which look like a combination of oval and marquise cuts, provide a special shape that bucks the status quo but still has a whisper of tradition.


You’re the ultimate romantic and enjoy it when someone shows love in the little ways. You’re also the nostalgic type, always cherishing the beauties of the past — whether they’re memories or mementos. With pillowy corners and brilliant facets, cushion cuts reflect that softness with a feminine shape that emits plenty of sparkle and a touch of old-world flair.


You’re energetic, the life of the party and the friend of all. All in all, you’re a social butterfly. And just like you shine, so will your radiant cut. It gives you the shape of an emerald with the sparkle of a round cut for a flashy yet elegant ring.


You’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. In fact, you seek out opportunities to do so — with the utmost of class, of course. It all comes from the desire to express yourself and simply be you. With an elongated look as unique as you, marquise rings (in yellow and rose gold in photo) are the perfect intersection of elegance and edge and make your fingers seem more slender.


You’re a lover of all things vintage and have a fascination with the evolution of style. You’ll bypass the trendiest piece for something unique that was cherished in the past. Asschers exhibit old-world beauty with step-cut faceting like the emerald cut but in a square shape.

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