Sapphire Styles for the September Baby in Your Life

September is the perfect time to celebrate the ever-entrancing blue sapphire gemstone. Chosen as the September birthstone, the sapphire signifies wisdom, royalty, and prophecy and Divine favor. Many religions from the beginning of time consider the sapphire one of the most sacred stones, the surreal blue hues promising hope, blessings and prosperity. In ancient lore, the sapphire was a symbol of power, fortitude, goodwill and sound judgment.

Though sapphires span the spectrum as far as color, the blue sapphire is the most popular, ranging in hue from pale to dark royal blue and indigo, with the most sought-after color being the rich cornflower blue — also known as Kashmir or bleu de roi.

Give the September woman in your life the chance to commemorate her special day with the captivating and extraordinary sapphire. Each stone is purely magical, and there are plenty of jaw-dropping styles to choose from so she can express her individuality.

Oval Sapphire Ring with Scallop-Style Halo

Capture the true essence of the magnificent and mystical sapphire with this stunning piece, and give the September birthday girl something to smile about. This gorgeous statement ring features a deep blue sapphire center encased in a brilliant white diamond floral design. A sturdy symmetrical band features a triple diamond threat, balancing the elegant gemstone in a generous setting.

Pear-Shaped Blue Sapphire Pendant Necklace with Diamond Double Halo and Pave Stations

Reminiscent of a glistening ocean on a crisp fall day, this pear-shaped blue sapphire pendant necklace with diamond double halo would sweep any woman away. A dazzling drop is suspended from a diamond double halo and effortlessly complements a vast array of sophisticated autumn ensembles. This beauty is hand-picked from Uneek’s Royal Blue Collection.

Oval Blue Sapphire Drop Earrings with Diamond Double Halos

Any lover of bright colors will adore these dangling beauties. Wrapped twice in shimmering diamonds, this pair is perfect for the most special of occasions, adding a pop of excitement to her most luxurious ensembles. Because of their classic shape and uniformity, they will never go out of style either.

Oval Sapphire Bracelet with Diamond Halos

Sure to invoke feelings of spiritual strength and positive energy, this piece will be a surreal addition to the September woman’s jewelry collection. Bedazzle her wrist with this impressive sapphire and white diamond bracelet, which features alternating links of blue and white stones that add interest and inspiration, embracing the sapphire’s inherent connection to royal order and structure.


When in doubt, stackables are the fail-proof gift, offering the wearer versatility and fun. With one or more of these vibrant pieces, she can create mix-and-match towers of deep blue horizons with various shapes and styles. From chunky starry-eyed rings that are feasts for the eyes to elegant and simple rings that add just a touch of sparkle and shine, she’ll always love adding a stackable to her collection.

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