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Interview with AGTA

Interview with AGTA

Benjamin Javaheri, Uneek Jewelry’s Founder and Designer, recently sat down with Tanner Vaughan of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) for a live Instagram interview. The focus of the discussion was “The Vision,” a piece that secured Benjamin two awards in the prestigious 2020 AGTA 

September Birthstone: 5 Sapphire Pieces We’re Currently Obsessed With

September Birthstone: 5 Sapphire Pieces We’re Currently Obsessed With

With these stunning statement pieces, we won’t want September to end. This month we’re directing our attention to the bold yet delicate sapphire gemstone. A symbol of innocence, longevity, and good health, this deep blue gemstone holds a rich history. Blue sapphires have been associated with royalty for centuries, representing order and energy. 

Sapphire is one of the two gem-varieties of corundum. Ruby is the other gem and demonstrates a mesmerizing shade of red. Although sapphires are most widely associated with blue hues, they can appear as gray, black, pink, and more colors. The stone’s color depends on the iron and titanium present during its formation. 

This precious gem has a reputation to create an inner vision and psychic awareness. A poet once described it as “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown.” Whatever sapphire you choose to wear, you’ll be fit for a queen this September and for months to come.


Sapphire Fashion Ring

Uneek Diamond Wedding Band, in 18K White Gold

The sapphire is the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary (the 45th in particular). With its power in prosperity and inner peace, it’s quite fitting to represent the deep love shared between two people. The amount of sparkle, with 70 round diamonds, this ring brings simply can’t be matched.


Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Uneek Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, in 14K White Gold

Take your evening look from zero to one hundred with these drop-dead gorgeous pair of 14K white gold earrings. With 8 blue sapphires and 10 round diamonds, this is the ideal accessory, pairing elegance with class. Whatever the occasion is, these earrings will be the star of the show.


The Royal Blue Statement Ring

Uneek Cushion blue Sapphire Engagement Ring, in Platinum


Every person needs a ring that makes them smile every time they look at their hands. This exquisite piece will capture the attention of the room with its simplicity and tasteful cushion cut. As you change out your wardrobe for a new season, make sure this ring is included.

Sapphire Pendant Necklace

Uneek Oval Blue Sapphire Pendant, in 18K White Gold

Virgos and libras alike will shine with this incredible sapphire pendant. Ideal to complement any and every sweater-weather outfit, this pendant is an essential for your fall wardrobe. Formed with 42 round diamonds and an oval center of blue sapphire, this beauty is a sight for sore eyes.


Sapphire Stackable Ring

Uneek Blue Sapphire Band, in 18K White Gold


If you’re going to add one piece of jewelry to your collection this month, this is it. A versatile and chic ring, this band is stackable and flexible to work in tandem with your other rings. It’s dainty in design, but it’ll surely bring the spice to your look.

It’s no secret the blue sapphire is a beloved gem as old as time. Spruce up your wardrobe and collection with these dazzling pieces that won’t disappoint. 

Quick Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Quick Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Dear procrastinator, are you scrambling for a last-minute Valentine’s Day present? We won’t judge you here at Uneek, but we’ll show you some gift ideas that will make you the hero of the holiday. Let’s be real—a box of chocolates and a sweet note just 

Better Than Chocolate: Arm & Ear Candy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Better Than Chocolate: Arm & Ear Candy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There’s no denying she enjoys receiving that bright red heart-shaped box of assorted truffles from you on Valentine’s Day, but the real, more long-lasting sweet treat is the arm and ear candy that doesn’t melt away. This Valentine’s Day, you can gift her something more 

The Uneek Promise: Only Natural and Untreated Diamonds

The Uneek Promise: Only Natural and Untreated Diamonds

Uneek Jewelry is proud to announce that we have added another layer of quality assurance to our already robust forensic practices.

For the twenty-plus years since our inception, Uneek has always been committed not only to top-of-the-line craftsmanship, but also to exceeding customers’ expectations in the quality department, and our team members have always been transparent about our manufacturing methodologies and quality standards, especially during training sessions with our retail partners (some of our premier retail partners get to fly to Los Angeles and tour the Uneek manufacturing facilities), where important manufacturing differentiators are explained, including, but not limited to: Uneek’s special alloys that provide extra strength and durability even to the most delicate-looking of pieces; how we ensure “zero porosity;” how our diamond graders, under a microscope, pick only melee that have excellent cut and make, etc. This year, we have upped the ante by vowing to become stalwarts in the battle against synthetic diamonds or CVD diamonds.

“We are proud to be the first company in our industry to verify that all of the diamonds in our jewelry are natural and untreated,” shares Uneek designer Benjamin Javaheri in a press release. “We’re calling this the ‘Uneek Promise.’ It guarantees that all the diamonds used to craft your Uneek jewelry are not synthetic diamonds, diamond simulants, or treated diamonds.”


Uneek requires all loose stones and all parcels to be submitted GIA for melee and QAD testing.
Once GIA certifies the authenticity, Uneek diamond graders take those diamonds and test them in‐house
with our state‐of‐the‐art CVD tester to confirm the initial findings.

“Unfortunately the elephant in the industry right now is the undisclosed and sometimes unknown mixing of less expensive lab-grown diamonds into traditional diamond parcels,” says Uneek Regional VP of Sales Cortland Shopper. “This happens because large factories either do not track the origin of their diamonds, or they actively mix the parcels to save on costs. GIA reports that every 24 hours 250,000 CVDs enter the marketplace. That’s the equivalent of 1.2 million every work week.”

“The industry has been slow to react,” Shopper continues. “Current watchdog efforts usually involve random sample tests. However that is not enough because it’s not a full-proof method.”

“Here at Uneek we have pioneered a rigid process to ensure proper and complete testing,” Benjamin proclaims. Uneek has been requiring all the loose stones that arrive at our door—whether diamond or colored gemstone—and all parcels to be submitted GIA for melee and QAD testing. Once GIA certifies the authenticity, they sort the gemstones by color and clarity, and deliver them to us. “Next, we take those diamonds and test them in-house with our state-of-the-art CVD tester to confirm their findings,” says Production Manager Toni Singian, referring to our J-Secure Plus synthetic identification machines. “Approved parcels are then dispersed to our diamond graders, sorters and setters. Finally, during every piece’s final QC check each finished piece is again tested prior to being shipped. This way every piece is triple checked.”


During final quality control check, each finished piece is again scanned and tested prior to being
shipped. Here, a Uneek diamond grader arranges finished engagement mountings in the CVD tester tray
to get them ready for scanning. All Uneek pieces go through the during final QC phase—from stock
fashion to stock bridal to one‐of‐a‐kinds to custom jobs/special orders.

“Uneek has been an early adapter in the identification of undisclosed lab grown diamonds,” says David Skuza, North American Agent for DRC Techno, manufacturer of the abovementioned J-Secure Plus machines, whose technology identifies natural from laboratory grown diamonds in any shape from 0.003 carats and larger. “Benjamin and his team at Uneek have been leaders in our industry. They are actively protecting their customers—and their customers’ customers—by using our technology to scan every diamond that passes through their doors. It’s a serious commitment that takes not only real dedication but added labor and process. We see the situation with lab-grown diamonds growing worse day by day and Uneek has drawn a line in the sand.”

“Uneek has taken a real leadership role,” Skuza continues. “It’s an uncompromising commitment to their customers that elevates their merchandise from other manufacturers. It gives their retailers a distinct advantage.”

“The ‘Uneek Promise’ ensures that all diamonds in every piece of jewelry we make to be genuine natural untreated diamonds,” Benjamin declares proudly.