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Retailer Resources: How to Court Your Customers on Valentine’s Day

Retailer Resources: How to Court Your Customers on Valentine’s Day

Courtship is on everyone’s minds with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. While you may be focused on your romantic relationship during this season of love, we also encourage you to consider your customer relationships. Successfully attracting and retaining loyal customers is just as involved 

Retailer Resources: 3 Online Tools to Help You Serve Customers This Holiday

Retailer Resources: 3 Online Tools to Help You Serve Customers This Holiday

Much like the rest of 2020, the holiday shopping season will be different this year. Market researchers are predicting changes based on consumer behaviors that developed as a result of the pandemic. One of the most significant and realistic predictions is that shoppers will continue 

Retailer Resources: How to Take the Perfect Ring Video

Retailer Resources: How to Take the Perfect Ring Video

Fostering digital relationships with your customers and boosting your e-commerce presence is part of our “new normal.” Since buying fine jewelry can be such a personal and detailed experience, it’s in your best interest to help your customers connect with the product virtually with the help of technology. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to drop a ton of money on fancy photography equipment to capture beautiful photos and videos of your jewelry inventory. If you’re reading this blog from a smartphone, you’re already set to start shooting some stellar content for your customers to explore.  

Start with your smartphone

Most modern smartphones are equipped with a high-quality camera. Depending on what type of smartphone you have, be sure to explore the different settings, features and third-party apps that can elevate the quality of your images and videos. When setting up your shots, the composition is important. Always keep the rule of thirds in mind and pay close attention to the lighting and placement of your product.

Clean your jewelry

This one might be a no-brainer but amidst all the setup to get the perfect video, you can easily forget the basics! Clean each piece that you’ll be shooting with the same (if not more) meticulous effort that you would if you were showing it to a customer in person. You’ll want to make sure the ring has that perfect sparkle and shine for the video!

Invest in stabilizer equipment

Trying to capture the intricate details of small pieces is no easy task—especially if you’re still getting the hang of smartphone photography. We recommend investing in a smartphone tripod to lend a steady hand. This Amazon product has everything you need in a smartphone tripod, complete with a flexible head, easy to use phone connection, adjustable leg structure and even a detachable Bluetooth remote to reduce camera shake. If you keep your smartphone camera still while placing the ring on a rotating platform or hand model, you’ll be capturing detailed, in-focus videos in no time!

Style # LVS1050CU

Think of the angles

While we’re on the subject of turntables and hand models, make sure you show your piece off from every angle. One of the reasons jewelry videos perform so well is because they help the customer connect with the product emotionally. Record a video of the ring from all sides and be sure to get some different shots of how it looks on a model’s hand. These varied perspectives will give the customer a better understanding of what to expect IRL, helping them imagine slipping the ring onto their own finger.

Pay attention to lighting and background

The way the ring catches the light can be a huge selling point. Try to find a spot with soft lighting to avoid any reflections, glare or shadows. You can mimic the in-person buying experience by demonstrating what each piece looks like in both natural and artificial light environments. You’ll also want to make sure the background of your video isn’t too busy or distracting. To set up a space where you’re totally in control of the backdrop and lighting, consider purchasing a pop-up photography studio like this one. This handy product will also keep your videos and photos consistent from piece to piece, creating a more professional look throughout your e-commerce presence.

Zoom in for the details

Keeping your jewelry in focus should remain a top priority for the duration of your video, but it’s also important to highlight the small details by zooming in. You can quickly upgrade the lens on your smartphone to a clip-on macro lens. This will allow you to capture close-up, crisp videos of every irresistible detail of your jewelry.

Optimize for different devices

Your customers could be viewing your video from their smartphone, tablet or desktop, so be sure to mix it up with both vertical and horizontal videos. Consider how your audience might be viewing each video when posting them to social. For example, if you’re putting your ring video on an Instagram Story, a vertical shot will be the best choice.

Just keep filming…

Taking the perfect jewelry video takes practice, so don’t be discouraged if you need a number of tries to get the perfect shot. Even the best photographers and videographers will overcompensate when capturing content, and then pick and choose the best of the bunch.

Your customers will appreciate your ability to adapt and be flexible to accommodate their shopping preferences during these uncertain times. Be sure to tag us in any of your new videos and our Uneek Jewelry team will cheer you on!