The 100-Carat, $22 Million Diamond Has Nothing On These 5 Gorgeous Emerald-Cut Rings

If you haven’t already heard, an internally flawless 100-carat diamond sold for a whopping $22 million this month. Experts describe the brilliant, one-of-a-kind diamond as utterly ‘perfect.’ Its previous owner spent more than a year examining, cutting and polishing the rough diamond to achieve the spectacular finish. The staggering emerald cut, D color, internally perfect diamond is the largest of its clarity and cut in the world.  


Specialists rave about its unparalleled features. After all, it is only one of six gloriously perfect diamonds in the entire world. Even more, it is one of the few classic emerald cuts ever to appear at an auction. While only 3% of all diamonds in the world are emerald cut, emerald cut engagement rings continue to attract consumers due to their distinguished vintage appearance.

A staff member holds a 100-carat perfect diamond in a classic emerald-cut at Sotheby's auction house in central London, February 13, 2015. The diamond is expected to fetch between $19-25 million at the auction house's Magnificent Jewels auction in New York on April 21. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth (BRITAIN - Tags: BUSINESS SOCIETY WEALTH)

“People everywhere have been drawn to it from across the room and they are in awe of its size, particularly when they put it on their hand. They can’t believe there’s a diamond this pure of such impressive scale,” said Gary Schuler, the head of Sotheby’s jewelry department in New York.

Although the 100-carat rock may be unattainable, we promise the five striking emerald-cut engagement rings below are so impressive, you’ll forget all about the $22 million diamond sold at Sotheby’s auction.



Uneek Emerald-Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Pave Double Shank, in Platinum

The platinum emerald-cut diamond ring breaks barriers by remaining classically modern; it maintains a contemporary edge, yet respects tradition with its contour. The ravishing overlay of 84 round pave sets twirl along the band and drop with a curvature. The arches of the halo meet to embrace a radiant 5-carat center, which is a Uneek signature style.

Style # LVS894

Uneek Three Stone Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

Three stones are better than one. Encrusted with charming grandeur, the single shank, trio stone, emerald-cut engagement ring nestles on platinum. The emerald-cut center stone envelopes 74 round diamonds while its appearance exudes an elaborate style admired by those with a soft spot for royal radiance. 

Style # LVS868

Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Emerald-Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

The yellow emerald diamond is a design for the creative at heart. The yellow stone captures the onlooker with awe-struck wonder and admiration due to its rarity. The ring features a gorgeous platinum and 18K yellow gold split shank setting with a flawless emerald-cut yellow diamond with 70 round white diamond side stones. 

Style # LVS743

Signature Collection Platinum Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

A simpler and more petite emerald cut is ideal for a pure style that’s as timeless as the woman donning it. The luminous, one of a kind diamond ring features a 3.0-carat GIA certified center emerald diamond and set with 42 round diamonds.


Style # LVS855

Signature Collection Platinum 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring 

A platinum three stone diamond engagement ring from the Signature Collection is another preferred choice for women with a traditional, vintage look in mind.  taste. Instead of tiny diamonds enveloping the center stone, the ring comes with two emerald-cut side stone diamonds. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 1.14.57 PM

Uneek “Fiorire” Emerald-Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The Emerald-cut diamond halo engagement ring encompasses a delicate lotus flower-inspired filigree design that cascades under the head. As you shift the ring around, two unexpected diamonds appear in the filigree. The filigree comes in rose gold for a two-tone appearance.


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