The Main Things That Inspire Lead Designer Benjamin Javaheri

The Main Things That Inspire Lead Designer Benjamin Javaheri

For Uneek lead designer Benjamin Javaheri, it’s human nature to desire to create something. And for him, that something has always been beautiful jewelry pieces. Sublime designs, faultless workmanship and genuine concern for customers have supported his quick rise in the industry, and though Uneek Fine Jewelry Collections was launched over 20 years ago, Javaheri’s talent for crafting exceptional jewelry has only grown stronger.

This is so because of his personal drive to be the best and his knowledge, abilities and exacting eye for perfection. He loves the classics and puts his unique spin on them to make designs look current. And to do so, he welcomes inspiration from the little things.

For Javaheri, an award-winning designer, the creative process all begins with the stones. He constantly looks for one-of-a-kind precious stones that he can transform into his next wearable art.

“A beautiful diamond is like a treasured work of art,” he says. “It requires the perfect frame to enhance and protect its beauty and value. I love the artistic and technical challenges of this.”

Design ideas come in different ways for him. Sometimes he has a clear thought that he interprets into a Computer-Aided Design or sketch. At other times, the detail is so vivid that he can almost see the final product in his head, and it’s just a matter of making it a tangible sketch or CAD rendering. Sometimes, too, it’s a continuous idea from an existing design that he tries to improve until fully satisfied with the final look.

“Most of the time, there are just those ‘eureka’ moments when I just know,” he says. “The final piece — when it comes out exactly as I envisioned it and my customers like it — that is the reward itself!”

Inspiration tends to find Javaheri at random moments. It could be at home, at work or on vacation. His daughter inspires him every day, and other inspiration comes from something or someone that affects him emotionally, like his wife and the people he works with. He particularly enjoys sitting with his team as they “do their magic” and giving hands-on assistance throughout the process.

“I feel blessed waking up each day, coming to work and being surrounded by wonderful people and making beautiful jewelry,” he says.

Beautiful center stones and those around him motivate him to create the gorgeous designs that fashion-forward women love for years to come. The true satisfaction, to him, is knowing that each and every piece he makes is heirloom-worthy and that it’s going to stay with families from generation to generation.

“At the end of the day, what makes a beautiful piece of jewelry is the story it creates,” Javaheri says. “When I hear a customer say how much that particular piece she selected meant to her — that’s always been the biggest reward. I know in my heart that I’ve accomplished something.”

Under his leadership, Uneek has become known for its signature style, which successfully blends the modern American design aesthetics with the delicacy and detail of centuries-old approaches to metalsmithing and stone-setting. Explore all Uneek has to offer here.

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