The Most Popular Engagement Rings According to Instagram

If you’re on engagement ring Instagram, then you know what’s trending and hot for brides-to-be. It’s all about distinct looks or classics that have been reinvented for the modern woman. The style types run the gamut — from bold to timeless — and feature different diamond cuts, speaking to women who have all sorts of different tastes.

If you’re not on the ‘gram, no worries. We’ve rounded up the styles that are popping up all over the social media platform and why ladies love them.

Lustrous cushion cuts

Talk about a cushion-cut upgrade! Rings like the Uneek Cushion-Cut Diamond Pave Double Halo Engagement Ring with Intricate Ribbon-Style Shoulders offer women more glam. This style, in particular, adds pizzaz to the romantic center stone with a double halo and intricate ribbon-like shoulder style with three rows that curve together in harmony. Two outer rows shoot downward and inward to support the gallery, joining at the tips to form a delicate leaf-life shape. The middle row extends upward and splits into a Y to form the ring’s outer halo.

This engagement ring style is for the bride-to-be who’s always in the know with the latest celebrity-led fashion trends.

Illusion oval rings

Two is better than one, as they say. We couldn’t agree more, especially when it means enjoying the benefits of two different diamond shapes. Rings that look like ovals but are actually round cuts with unique detailing are on the rise.

The Uneek Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Oval-Illusion Halo and Pave Upper Shank mixes the timelessness of a round diamond center and the delicacy of a north-south oval-shaped halo for an engagement ring that gives you the best of both worlds. The petite and modern style gets its distinct look from an elliptic look. Uniform-sized smaller rounds on the sides of the halo give way to larger, graduating rounds on the top and bottom for a romantic and chic design that’s ideal for women who love timeless looks but want a unique touch.

Unique halo rings

Style # WUS122SC-6.5RD

Not all diamond halos are created equal. Take one look at this fashion-forward style and you’ll see what we mean. And more women are wanting rings that stand out from more traditional looks.

This ring features a floating halo instead of the classic pave option. The petite diamond-shaped round diamond clusters that make up the halo give this ring a distinct appearance when paired with the romantic round-cut center stone. The edgy band design makes it stand out even more, as those clusters are reflected in the geometric style.  If you adore unconventional silhouettes and statement shapes, this kind of engagement ring is for you.


Explosive geometry

If your motto is “Go big or go home,” then big looks with standout features are for you. And we’re seeing geometry start to take center stage with bigger engagement rings.

Following the trend, the Signature Collection Platinum Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring prioritizes exceptional cut and size above all. It features a 3.01-carat GIA-certified center emerald diamond wrapped in a petite emerald-shaped halo. The iconic geometry, elongated shape and clean lines of emerald cuts make them a particularly sophisticated shape that’s distinctive and timeless.

Cushion illusion rings

When you want something a little different from a round cut but not as elongated as an oval or oval-illusion style, a cushion illusion engagement ring is the perfect medium. It’s romantic, unique and never goes out of style. Plus you get the brilliance of a round and the shape of a cushion.

The Uneek 3-Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Cushion-Shaped Halo and Pave Double Shank is all about modern romanticism with a sensual twist. It features a round center diamond with a cushion-shaped halo and a curvy double shank. This ring is for the classic woman who loves a piece that carries meaning. The distinctive shank is inspired by a woman’s curves, and the distinct Silhouette Collection shape celebrates the power of radiant femininity.

Standout styles

While some rings are timeless, others are products of modern trends and styles. If you want something very of-the-moment, unique shapes will do the trick.

The Uneek Petals Design Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring with Double Halo and Pave Diamond Shank combines several unique elements for a Petals Collection style that screams 2019. The center stone is an elegant pear cut diamond that’s wrapped in a pear-shaped halo. A second diamond halo in a slight marquise shape then encircles the inner halo to add size and a touch of vintage flair to the piece. The result is a fresh take on old-school cuts that’s perfect for the woman who likes to stand out from the crowd.

Find all of these engagement ring styles at a Uneek retailer near you.

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