The Uneek Story: How We Got Started

The Uneek Story: How We Got Started

This year, we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary. With this exciting milestone on the horizon, we’re naturally reflecting on the past, present, and future of the Uneek story. In the wake of an unprecedented year, we finished 2020 on a high note winning in the AGTA’s Spectrum Awards and the INSTORE Design Awards, making our President and CEO, Benjamin Javaheri, the most awarded jewelry designer in the industry. Our sights are now set on our upcoming anniversary and what this milestone means for the future of Uneek.

The Uneek legacy for creating heirloom-worthy pieces of fine jewelry has only just begun, but to appreciate our present, we must look back on how far we’ve come. Almost a quarter of a century ago, Uneek was born through dedication, tradition, and a whole lot of heart. History teaches us that many last names started as occupations, back when people were known for their trade. Benjamin Javaheri’s surname can be traced to his Persian heritage and translates to gold diamond jewelry. With the knowledge that his ancestors had channeled the same creativity and longevity, this bloodline not only inspired Benjamin to pursue a creative dream but also design a quality product that would make his family proud. Just like his lineage has stood the test of time, so would the Uneek brand.

By marrying his passion for creative design and uncompromising self-discipline, Benjamin worked his way up from a sales associate role at a retail store to build an award-winning brand. The seismic shift happened when Benjamin recognized that he didn’t like playing the waiting game for customers to come through the door; instead, he designed a few archetype styles and hit the road on his own accord.

Benjamin visited stores to show his bracelet designs’ quality craftsmanship to retailers in person with his own savings and a strong ethical code as his guiding compass. After seeing success with these initial designs, Benjamin next wanted to be a part of the celebration of love and commitment that you can only find in the world of bridal jewelry.

He began this ambition as a diamond supplier, where he learned all of the industry’s ins and outs, from manufacturing to customer service and sales. Starting with loose diamonds, Benjamin imagined that these stones were a treasured photo that needed to be framed in a spectacular setting. He would always begin with the center stone and use that design element as the source for his inspiration. The final craft would demonstrate each piece’s unique beauty in the best way possible while always thinking about the women wearing it.

Our USA-based manufacturing process merges old-world metalsmith traditions and new-world technology with an expert team behind the brand. Still, Benjamin will always remember the humble beginnings of his original one-man show. Now, he often shares about the immeasurable satisfaction he has experienced through helping customers celebrate the most joyful moments in their lives. 

“Uneek was started to give the consumer the highest quality designs through great craftsmanship because I didn’t want jewelry simply to last one generation. I believe jewelry should be passed down.” – Benjamin Javaheri

As we near the 25th anniversary, we will build on this momentum. Under Benjamin’s steadfast leadership, we will innovate, set trends, and, most importantly, help people celebrate joy. We will never replace our meticulous craftsmanship with processes that cut corners because nothing is more important than our consumers’ trust. To reign 25 years in the competitive jewelry industry, you must stay at the forefront with quality-conscious manufacturing and ethical standards. While we are honored by awards and milestones, our measure of success comes when a piece is cherished and enjoyed for generations.

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