Tips for Choosing the Right Diamond Shape for You

Diamonds are the most popular center stone choice for a ring. We all have our own personal taste in diamond cuts. To get the most out of your ring, it’s important to choose a suitable shape for your style. To help find the right one for you, we’ve laid out what the different cuts are noted for.

Round Diamonds for Sparkle


Round diamonds are the most sought after shape among diamond rings. For those who love sticking to the classics and want their ring to shine the brightest, the round diamond cut is definitely what you’re looking for. They have the ability to glow even without a halo, such as this featured white gold diamond ring.

Emerald Diamonds for Size


Some cuts may seem larger than they actually are, in terms of carat weight. This is due to the way they are positioned and cut, which makes them appear bigger in size from a bird’s eye view. Fancy cuts usually achieve such, like this gorgeous yellow diamond ring.

Marquise Diamonds for Carats


If size and weight matter most to you, we recommend that you consider a marquise-cut diamond. These diamonds are more uniquely shaped and have more length than most other cuts. This distinctive three-stone fancy yellow diamond ring is a perfect example of such.

Cushion Diamonds for Vintage


Retro lovers find peace in vintage-inspired cushion shaped diamonds. This shape gives off a very romantic appeal from a Victorian era. The above elegant Edwardian ring brings the romance with a much delicacy and detail.

Princess Diamonds for Modern


The princess shape is the second most popular cut among diamond rings. Get the contemporary look with a princess-cut diamond that looks great from every angle. This three-stone princess-cut ring is a stunning best-seller in white gold.

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