Top Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2019

All eyes are on you on your big day. You have the perfect ring, the perfect dress and that special bridal glow. While your gown will be the center of attention, it’s the jewelry that will help you stand out in unexpected ways and highlight your best features. While you have plenty of beautiful pieces to choose from, there are a few jewelry trends that are on the rise for fashion-forward brides. Here are the top ways to add more interest and personality to your wedding-day look this year with Uneek pieces.

1. Bold Earrings

Most of this year’s jewelry trends complement other bridal trends. More brides are opting for updos like ponytails and chignons, which means statement earrings can truly do their best work. The most popular style we’ve seen are dangle earrings, which can be both elaborate or minimalistic. The two styles above speak to both options. On one hand, we have a dramatic pair of dangle earrings from the Natureal Collection, featuring two pear-shaped yellow diamonds, both surrounded by a double halo of micropave white diamonds. On the other, we have a best-selling geometric dangle earring (Style #LVEAD968W) accented with diamonds that makes the most of simple lines.


2. More Color

Matching the bridal makeup trend of rosy hues and bold lip color, the desire for more than white gowns and white gold is on the rise among brides. Achieving this through jewelry is best done with gemstone pieces. The vivid hues of sapphire, ruby and sapphire provide serious glamour and eye-catching appeal to complete your bridal look. We recommend infusing color into your look with a necklace or earrings. To make the gemstones’ colors even more vibrant, we pair each stone with glittering diamonds. This ruby necklace is perfect for open neckline styles and is just as dainty as it is colorful — the perfect pair for any delicate bridal gown. These sapphire dangle earrings hit two trends at once with a bolder look and a pop of color. We definitely recommend these if you have blue eyes. They’ll frame your face and make your eyes pop. Browse more gemstone jewelry here.

Style # LVNR2316R (necklace) LVECF484BS (earrings)

3. Dainty bracelets

What’s a wedding without some amazing wrist candy? This trend is for the women who really want to glitz things up. Adding sleek bracelets to your look can either draw attention to your engagement ring if you wear them around the left wrist, or it can balance this sparkle by adding shimmer to the right wrist. Whichever you choose, we recommend going minimalistic with one or two bangles to add that interest without distracting from the rest of the look. The style above gives you the best of both worlds by giving the illusion of two bands in one. It’s perfectly dainty too, with a sleek rose-gold wave that wraps around a diamond-lined one for eye-catching contrast. Browse more diamond bangles here.

Style # LVBAW8256RW

How will you be incorporating one of these jewelry trends into your wedding? Tell us in the comments!


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