Uneek Designer Benjamin Javaheri Wins His 9th Industry Award

A platinum diamond bracelet designed by Uneek‘s Benjamin Javaheri scooped one of the top awards—Best in Platinum—during the 2017 Centurion Design Awards at the recently-concluded Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale, AZ.

Award Winning Bracelet

This is the second time Benjamin has won a Centurion Design Award—the first being in 2011, for a diamond necklace from our Signature Collection featuring pear-shaped and round diamonds—and it’s his ninth industry award overall.

“It was our 21st anniversary last January 30, the second day of the show, and the day of the Centurion Design Awards, so when it was announced that we won a major category, it just gave us more reason to celebrate,” said Benjamin when he and the team returned from Scottsdale. “Having your company turn a year older and having another leaf added to your laurel on the very same day is quite the experience! This new award, just like all the others that came before it, is testament to Uneek’s continued passion and commitment to creating innovative yet also timeless heirloom-worthy pieces.”

Uneek Jewelry - Makers of Award Winning Bracelets

The award-winning piece, which Benjamin calls the “Grand Entrances” bracelet, is from our Signature Collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, and features 44 asscher cut diamonds (combined weight of 18.47 carats) nestled down three floating rows (15 diamonds per row, except the middle row which has 14).The asschers are interspaced with bezel-set round brilliants (total count of 45, with a combined weight of 2.07 carats); and each asscher is framed by a halo of micro-pave diamonds (total count of 731, with a combined weight of 4.44 carats). The three rows are only linked together at the ends (i.e., by the clasp) and in two other areas, giving the piece a fluid, lyrical look, and allowing it to move with the wearer.

For more information on this bracelet, and all other styles from Uneek’s Signature Collection, please contact a Uneek retailer near you. Click here to see the full list of winners.

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