Uneek Graduation Jewelry For Her

Uneek Graduation Jewelry For Her

Graduation season is here once more. It’s an exciting time for students as their dedication and hard work pay off, and they move into a new phase of life. 

Students have had to endure a complicated and unconventional educational environment over the last few years. Those who have stuck to the task despite these challenges deserve our respect, acclaim, and celebration.

Now is the time to explore graduation jewelry in recognition of this meaningful stage of life.

Uneek Gifts for Your Grad

Jewelry as graduation gifts can come in many different forms and styles, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and diamonds. Our guide is here to assist you in finding the most elegant jewelry for your graduate to show how much you appreciate and celebrate her academic milestones.

Uneek “Legacy” Diamond Chain Earring 

Style # ER4422DC

Uneek “Legacy” Diamond Chain Earrings are a stunning piece of jewelry for a graduating daughter. These gorgeous 18K white gold earrings will shine from across the room thanks to 2.60CT of round diamonds. A generous count of 108 side stones makes these earrings the perfect keepsake that she can cherish as she moves on to bigger things. 

Of course, the Legacy Diamond Chain Earrings are just one option. Take a look at our extensive collection of glamorous fashion earrings to find something to suit any style. Some of the highlights include:



Uneek Diamond Fashion Ring, in 14K White Gold 

Style # LVB0955WWF

A bold and daring design means that the Uneek Diamond Fashion Ring will stand out for all the right reasons. Framed in 14K white gold, this ring features a breathtaking and intriguing composition of 12 round and 30 baguette diamonds.

The 1.22CT of baguette diamonds form an eclectic and dazzling configuration across the band, enhanced by a smattering of round diamonds. The effect is a visually striking ring that will stand out due to its luminous sparkle and unique aesthetic. This fashion ring is an excellent piece of jewelry for graduates who love to stand out.

While the Uneek Diamond Fashion Ring is a spectacular example, we also host a stunning collection of stackable bands that accommodate a wide array of different styles and tastes for special moments and celebrations.

Our collection features rings made from yellow, white, and rose gold alongside a diverse range of gemstones. Diamonds of different sizes, configurations, and clarity compete with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, offering something for any graduate.

Some of the highlights include:

Uneek “The RIO ELBAITE” Indicolite Tourmaline Necklace, in 18K White Gold 

Style # LVN935IGT

The “Rio ELBAITE” is a remarkable South American celebration of Rio El Grande. The Indicolite Tourmaline is a stunning 8.98CT pear-shaped, blue-green colored gemstone that hangs stunningly from a link that would be spectacular enough on its own. 

Thanks to the luminous blue and green shades, you could be lucky enough to have the chance to use this piece as a magnificent representation of your daughter’s school colors. While blue and green won’t work for everyone, you can browse our gemstone collection to find a fitting color. What better way to anchor the memories of education than with a stunning piece of jewelry that recalls the visual elements of a particular school? 

Colorful gemstones are an Uneek specialty, we have several spectacular options to choose from in our gemstone jewelry collection. While the collection features bands, bracelets, and earrings, we have picked some gemstone necklaces to highlight, including:

Uneek Diamonds By The Yard Diamond Necklace, in 14K White/Rose Gold 

Style # LVND0822WR 

The Uneek Diamonds by the Yard Diamond Necklace in 14K White and Rose Gold is a remarkable piece that stands out from the crowd. The construction is at once elegant and impossible to forget. Two attached links give this 36″ necklace a beautiful fullness without losing its sheer, sleek essence. 

The necklace is coated in an incredible 360 diamonds with a combined weight of 1.35CT. Six diamond-encrusted white gold links tie the chain together, giving it a pleasing symmetry and glistening sparkle from every angle.

The Uneek Diamonds By The Yard collection is a stunning mix of different diamond necklaces in white, gold, or yellow gold. The grouping represents an array of intricate pieces crafted with the highest care and artistry.

Some of the highlights include:

Congratulations, Class of 2022

Graduation jewelry is an excellent way to celebrate the milestones and achievements of the scholars in your life. Make your gift Uneek with our stunning and varied range of earrings, bands, gemstones, and diamonds. 


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