Why Jewelry Is a Good Investment

Jewelry is imbued with an emotional investment that makes it priceless. However, when you purchase a piece of jewelry, you want to ensure that the item will retain its monetary value. Whether you are buying a stunning necklace, or a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, there are certain factors that will ensure that your jewelry remains valuable forever.

Auction houses such as Christie’s International and Sotheby’s routinely sell antique jewelry that fetches millions of dollars. The jewelry usually belonged to noteworthy members of society, such as Hollywood legends, blue-blood elites and royal families. Therefore, its historic significance adds several zeros to the final asking prices.

Multi-million dollar pieces share several characteristics with jewelry bought by everyday people. Characteristics such as designer, uniqueness, quality of diamonds and percentage of gold ensures that the pieces worn by those of us far removed from the headlines will increase in value over time.

Unique Bouquet Collection

Jewelry from the collections of the world’s top designers retains its value.  Top designers are known for using high-quality diamonds and precious metals in each piece. They also produce distinctive jewelry for celebrities and royalty, and limited edition collections for everyday consumers. When you buy from top designers, the piece will appreciate with each passing year because it is high-profile, unique and an exceptional quality.

Gold and diamonds have been in high demand for centuries, regardless of the economic factors that were taking place in society. This high demand helps your jewelry remain valuable, and profitable if you ever need to resell it.

Since gold can be melted and refashioned to make new pieces, its value remains relatively high. Unlike cash, which fluctuates in value depending on the economy, jewelry that contains a higher percentage of gold will always be valuable. For example, as the current economic crisis gripes the globe, the price of gold and gold jewelry continues to skyrocket.

Diamonds are equally as coveted since they can be removed from their settings and reused to create new pieces. These shimmering beauties have been in demand for centuries and are worth a great deal in loose form or when set in a piece of jewelry.  Size and quality adds to a diamond’s value. Large, high-grade diamonds are valuable due to their exceptional size, great clarity and fewer flaws. Additionally, high-quality colored diamonds, such as fancy pink stones, are rarer and tend to increase in value over time.  Large diamonds of an unusual color often fetch the highest return value as they are harder to find.

Regardless of monetary value, your jewelry has an intrinsic worth that money cannot buy. The piece is representative of a moment in time that you will cherish forever.  Most importantly, it will always hold a sentimental value that will increase as it is passed along to future generations of your family. But, if you ever lose your job, become widowed, or need money after a divorce, your fine jewelry can be resold for a nice profit.

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