Uneek Oval Emerald Diamond Brooch Pendant

Style # PN4013OVEM

Item # 259153



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This lovely pendant-brooch pendant is perfect in any outfit. Engineered with a dramatic total of shimmer that actually stupefies passers by with its 10 oval diamonds, 1 oval emerald that weighs in at 0.86ct oval diamonds, 2.64ct oval emerald, and oval center of emerald in a prestigious design. (Tags: Pendant-Color, Precious, Pendant-Brooch, Halo)

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  • Product Type
  • Metal (As Pictured)
  • Center Size (As Pictured)
  • Center Shape (As Pictured)
  • Side Stone Details
    0.86ct Oval Diamonds, 2.64ct Oval Emerald | 10 Oval Diamonds, 1 Oval Emerald