The Lace Collection

The Lace Collection

Find jewelry that suits your feminine style when you shop for rings, bracelets, bangles and more in Uneek Jewelry’s Lace Collection.

Featuring a variety of intricate openwork filigree designs inspired by actual lace patterns, these pieces of jewelry have a delicate and ornate appearance that makes them incredibly eye-catching. Perfect for marking a special event with a gorgeous gift or for adding to your personal jewelry collection, these lace jewelry designs feature sparkling diamond accents for a luxurious touch. Discover the full Lace Collection from Uneek when you shop on our site today.


Some of our most popular pieces at Uneek are found in this collection of lace-inspired designs. The unique eternity bands offered in our Lace Collection are perfect for those who want an impressive, luxurious look for an anniversary band. Our lace diamond earrings have a high level of sparkle and a textured look that makes them a popular alternative to simple studs or hoops. When it comes to giving a thoughtful jewelry gift, you can’t go wrong with our lace bangles and bracelets, both of which feature delicate designs that are lovely to look at. Thanks to their compelling appearance with dainty diamond accents, the pieces in Uneek’s Lace Collection continue to be top-sellers on our site.


Search through this collection to discover diamond jewelry designs that blend innovative techniques with timeless styles. Our unique diamond bands include a number of pieces with classic lace patterns as well as those that give the illusion of wearing stacking bands. The openwork filigree makes for a lighter look, so while the rings, bangles, bracelets and earrings in this collection may be larger in size, they never look clunky. Browse through the complete Lace Collection from Uneek Jewelry to discover one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to help you stand out.