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Custom Diamond Jewelry

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Step 1 - Design Consultation

Schedule a phone consultation meeting with your authorized Uneek Retail Partner. Our custom diamond jewelry process provides you with a personalized experience that is memorable, smooth and customer-centered. The piece of jewelry you have been dreaming about the best reflects your unique personal style so you are involved in every step and decision in the design process. Our #1 goal is to exceed your expectations while creating the custom diamond jewelry piece of your dreams. 

Uneek Custom Design Consultation


Uneek Custom Sketch

Step 2 - Sketch Artwork Jewelry Design

This is where the Magic begins! Your trusted retailer by now has endorsed every detail to our Uneek Artisans. They will gain an understanding of what your taste, style, lifestyle and reviewing example images you may have and the type of jewelry you’re looking for. A scaled-sized sketch of the jewelry design will be illustrated for your approval. Once approved we move to creating the design on a CAD jewelry program.



Step 3 - Computer Modeling

After the sketch artwork jewelry design is approved by you; the next step is creating the approved design rendering in Computer Aided Jewelry Design software (CAD). This technology produces a precision three-dimensional renderings of your personal dream piece. The CAD model is presented to you via email for your approval.

Uneek Custom Computer Modeling


Uneek Custom Finishing

Step 4 - Casting, Pre-Finishing, Assembly, Fabrication, Stone Setting & Final Finishing

Your Uneek Design Artisans will bring your one-of-a-kind personal dream piece to life!


Step 5 - Finished Custom Diamond Jewelry Completion: Final Jewelry Design

The exciting part! The final finished custom diamond jewelry piece of your dreams is ready to be shipped or presented to you personally.

Uneek Custom Completion

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