With thousands of custom design services out there, what makes Uneek CUSTOM-Tailored stand out? Just think C-U-S-T-O-M:

cfor Customer Intimacy

ufor Uneek Expertise

sfor Sense of Urgency

tfor Technological Advancements

ofor Old-World Metalsmithing Disciplines

mfor Made in the USA

customer intimacy
Uneek’s multifaceted custom design process begins with a complimentary initial consultation appointment, and thrives on clear and constant back-on-forth communication between you and our team. Uneek prides itself in the kind customer intimacy that derives from a deeply-ingrained passion for building lasting and meaningful customer relationships, passed down through four generations of fine jewelry making. Fostered in a culture of familial inclusion, our consultants impact the experience by placing the customer at the heart of the design process, by anticipating their needs rather than simply taking the order, and by maintaining an active dialogue with them. It’s not just the end product that comes out one-of-a-kind the whole design experience is given a personal touch, too!
uneek expertise
Everyone in the Uneek family, regardless of role or title, is trained to act and think like a designer, and exposed to continuing education opportunities. So when you’re talking to a Uneek staff member—whether they be consultants, salespeople, marketing personnel, polisher, setters expect them to know the design process inside out, and know that you can rely on their expertise to help you make effective decisions when it comes to personalizing your piece of jewelry. Also, we treat your custom order as your own original design, and so uniqueness is guaranteed: the design will not be offered to other clients and/or mass produced.
sense of urgency
By having our design and consultation departments collocated with our manufacturing facilities, Uneek is proudly able to close the gap between idea and execution so that we can closely supervise and drive a custom project from initiation to completion, do it fast, and surprise or customers. CAD renderings are usually delivered within 24-48 hours of order placement, and, depending on the complexity of the design, finished products are delivered within 2-3 weeks. Also, custom orders do not take a backseat in favor of our line development/mass production calendars, as we have specialized resources dedicated to handle special orders.
technological advancements
Thanks to our state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, tools and equipment, and to our CAD designers who combine decades of experience—having been around before CAD/CAM became a revolution in the jewelry industry, and having worked through every imaginable iteration of these technologies with a reputation for quality, Uneek is able to develop a precision model for any custom order quickly and accurately. Upon completion and perfection of a design, our CAM program takes over, communicating exact design specifications to a special wax-carving machine. With the errors and inconsistencies of hand-carving eliminated, you end up with a piece that is perfect and symmetrical down to the most intricate detail.
Old-world metalsmithing disciplines
Combining the abovementioned technological advancements with centuries-old metalsmithing stone-setting disciplines and techniques is the lifeblood of Uneek and is what sets us apart from the rest. Under the tutelage of founding president and chief designer Benjamin Javaheri, whose Persian heritage spans four generations of family involvement with fine jewelry, every step of the production process from casting to bench work to stone sourcing to stone setting is dictated by old-world methodologies and a legacy of fine craftsmanship, and is subject to meticulous quality control practices. The result is a heirloom-worthy piece of jewelry that will last for generations to come.
made in the usa
Like every piece in Uneek’s award-winning bridal and fashion collections, none of our custom orders are ever sent overseas—and so not only are you guaranteed of faster turnaround times, you get to stamp your support for American artisanship as well. Our made-in-America mantra is not for appearances’ sake to keep up with the nascent onshore manufacturing renaissance, it truly is a commitment—to keep the craft alive here in our home, and to protect the livelihood of our artisans and their families.